Stop Spending Your Money On Higher Gas Prices Use The Internet

Stop Spending Your Money On Higher Gas Prices Use The Internet

Gasoline prices continue to​ rise,​ costing you money. at​ the​ risk of​ dating this article,​ previously unseen U.S. gas prices of​ over $3.00 are now common in​ some areas. I know those in​ Europe and elsewhere pay much more,​ but we​ can agree over the​ past year that many countries have recently seen huge spikes.

Rising gas prices affect all of​ us in​ some degree. Unless you walk,​ your cost of​ commuting to​ work increases. the​ prices of​ goods climb due to​ increased transportation costs. How can you decrease the​ impact on​ your pocketbook?

Luckily the​ Internet offers many different ways to​ help ease your burden. Note that many of​ these sites are geared towards the​ United States.

1. Search for Cheaper Gas Prices Online

Cheaper gasoline prices may be available but tough to​ find. Instead of​ driving from station to​ station checking for cheap prices or​ traveling 20 miles out of​ the​ way,​ try the​ following sites: - -

Carefully read the​ times reported for the​ gasoline prices! the​ cost of​ gas can rise or​ fall sharply (though it​ tends to​ do more of​ the​ former) in​ the​ span of​ a​ few hours.

2. Use Mapping Services to​ Plan Your Trips More Wisely

It just makes sense that if​ you know where you're going and don't get lost,​ you'll require less gas getting there. Browse these websites to​ help you plan your journey; some even display satellite maps to​ further assist your travels:

Google Maps -
MapQuest -
MSN Maps and Directories -
Windows Live Local -

Though very helpful,​ use the​ above sites as​ a​ guide as​ 100% accuracy is​ never guaranteed.

3. Find Nearby Stores

Don't travel miles and miles out of​ the​ way and spend more money on​ gas to​ go somewhere when an​ equivalent store is​ just around the​ corner!

Google Maps -

For example,​ I can query "pizza 30338" to​ find several eating establishments in​ or​ nearby Dunwoody,​ GA.

InfoSpace -

Using InfoSpace's "Near an​ address" feature on​ their front page,​ enter in​ your street address and type of​ business,​ and find close-by businesses never previously noticed while on​ the​ road. This beats driving elsewhere and spending more money on​ gas!

4. Stay Out of​ Traffic

Tired of​ idling? we​ all want to​ arrive at​ our destinations sooner,​ avoiding gas-guzzling traffic jams. These websites provide traffic information,​ provided you live in​ supported metro areas:

MSN Autos Traffic Reports - -
Yahoo Maps,​ Driving Directions,​ and Traffic -

Check your local department of​ transportation as​ it​ may display traffic information online. This can include cameras,​ incident information,​ and/or road closures. Perform a​ Google search similar to​ the​ following:

California dot
Tennessee dot
New York dot

5. Shop over the​ Internet with No Shipping Costs

When done properly,​ shopping online can save you money otherwise spent on​ gasoline. Many shops now offer free USA shipping (restrictions may apply) if​ you spend a​ certain amount of​ money,​ increasing your savings! Some online shopping sites with free shipping offers at​ the​ time this article was written (listed for informational purposes only) are:

Amazon -
Barnes and Noble - -
Tower Records -
World of​ Watches -
Zappos (shoes) -

MSN Shopping has a​ dedicated "Free Shipping Center" directory with even more businesses -

Though fuel prices rise,​ let the​ Internet help you cope. Compare gas prices online. Arrive at​ your destinations quicker and cheaper using on-line maps. Find nearby businesses with near-address searching,​ conserving gas. Shorten your commute time with online travel information. And,​ travel less often by taking advantage of​ online shopping with free shipping. Use these Internet techniques to​ stop spending your money on​ higher gas prices.

Stop Spending Your Money On Higher Gas Prices Use The Internet

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