Staying Afloat In Todays Mortgage Market

Staying Afloat in​ Todays Mortgage Market
As the​ refinance boom is​ quickly coming to​ an​ end,​ if​ not so already in​ the​ mortgage industry .​
It is​ critical to​ keep working in​ order to​ keep those leads coming your way.
Here are a​ few ideas to​ keep your name,​ products,​ and services in​ front of​ potential customers.
For starters,​ revisit every refinance you​ have done over the​ last few years .​
Pull out the​ customers that you​ put into an​ interest only,​ arm,​ cosi,​ or​ similar product.
The terms on​ types of​ loans such as​ these will be coming due shortly,​ and your customers will be faced with some decision making,​ here is​ your chance to​ make it​ easy on​ them.
So start making phone calls and sending out mailers today .​
Get your name back in​ front of​ their face and let them know you​ are still here and have many products to​ offer that would fit their needs.
Your next step would be networking .​
If you​ are in​ sales,​ nothing can be more important than networking .​
So,​ if​ you​ are not doing it,​ start .​
And if​ you​ are doing it​ now,​ do it​ more.
No matter how much time you​ are spending in​ the​ office,​ spend less.
Think about it,​ how much time do you​ actually spend selling in​ a​ day?
On average,​ a​ sales person spends two hours a​ day selling .​
Why are they in​ sales to​ begin with.
Join networking groups,​ chambers of​ commerce,​ rotary’s,​ community involvement programs,​ etc.,​ etc.
And,​ don’t forget your friends and family,​ they should be a​ big part of​ any sales persons’ referral arsenal.
Never shy away from talking yourself up at​ family gatherings or​ bar-b-ques.
There is​ always somebody in​ a​ crowd that needs or​ knows someone that needs to​ refinance or​ purchase a​ home .​
So keep the​ business cards handy.
Also,​ don’t forget about your past customers .​
Give them a​ call to​ follow up and make sure they are still satisfied .​
And,​ while you​ have them on​ the​ phone,​ let them know you​ would appreciate any business they could send your way.

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