Spring Clean Your Kitchen Mess Without The Stress

Spring Clean Your Kitchen Mess Without The Stress

As a​ notorious family gathering place,​ kitchens often become cluttered with everything from bills and report cards to​ shopping lists and fridge magnets. With spring just around the​ corner,​ it's time to​ say good-bye to​ all that clutter and Tupperware has some simple solutions to​ help you​ do it!

Compress the​ Mess: if​ there is​ just not enough space in​ your kitchen,​ then it's time to​ toss all unnecessary items. Remove objects from kitchen counters that are not essential for everyday cooking (blenders,​ mixers,​ juicers,​ etc.). This will make the​ room look more spacious and clean and will give you​ extra room to​ prepare daily meals.

Pantry Antics: Before you​ take a​ trip to​ the​ grocery store,​ take a​ good look inside your food pantry-if in​ doubt,​ throw it​ out! It's safe to​ assume that the​ expensive jar of​ Spanish olives sitting on​ the​ shelf for the​ last five years will never be used and the​ cans in​ the​ back are only useful for gathering dust. if​ food is​ stored for too long and in​ the​ wrong conditions,​ the​ freshness,​ quality and taste will suffer. Tupperware's Modular Mates® containers are ideal for organizing cabinets and offer the​ perfect solution for storing dry foods such as​ pasta,​ cereal,​ beans,​ rice and sugar.

Fridge Feng Shui: if​ items in​ the​ fridge are preventing the​ door from closing easily,​ it's time to​ take notice. a​ bonus to​ cleaning out the​ fridge is​ that when racks are sparkling and items are organized,​ it's much easier to​ find everything. Are you​ constantly throwing away spoiled food or​ leftovers? Avoid letting things get out of​ control in​ the​ future by placing food in​ Tupperware's FridgeSmart® or​ Fresh 'N Cool® containers,​ which maximize shelf life and minimize space.

Kitchen Crackdown: if​ you​ are prone to​ experiencing pangs of​ distress at​ the​ thought of​ decluttering your kitchen,​ stick to​ one simple rule: Clean as​ you​ go. Spending 15 minutes a​ day clearing countertops and discarding leftovers will create a​ stress-free environment and allow you​ to​ keep your kitchen running smoothly.

Tupperware has many useful products to​ help reorganize your kitchen.

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