Spending Money Within 300

Spending Money Within 300

Spending Money Within $300
Do you think this is​ a​ joke spending money only $300 a​ month for the​ whole family? With this tight budget,​ what sort of​ food would make the​ list?
Could you save $25 a​ month on​ groceries? How about $50 or​ $100? Possibly you could cut your bill by almost 50% if​ ​ you consider some of​ the​ following suggestions
1 .​

Divide the​ budget you have into three categories; weekly,​ biweekly and​ monthly .​

Once you have the​ totals fixed,​ try to​ find a​ way to​ make it​ work .​

if ​ you budgeted too tight,​ only then consider how much more you really need to​ spend .​

2 .​

Identify your WEEKLY needs; milk,​ bread,​ fruits .​

These will be your saving graces when the​ troops are hungry .​

You can load up every week and​ always have a​ healthy snack available .​

Think about $15/week .​

3 .​

Identify your BIWEEKLY needs; eggs,​ cheese,​ vegetables,​ meat and​ cheese for sandwiches etc .​

These items have a​ slightly longer shelf life but you will watch how much you use when you know theres still four days until your next purchase .​

Try $20 every two weeks .​

4 .​

Get the​ remainder of​ your groceries in​ one place .​

Use cash to​ pay to​ avoid temptation of​ over spending and​ work out your shopping list ahead of​ time .​

You only need to​ do this once as​ many of​ the​ items Cereal,​ meat etc .​

will need to​ be repurchased each time .​

Other items sugar,​ flour etc .​

may be substituted every other month .​

In this example you have $200 left .​

5 .​

Have a​ schedule of​ meals that you can rotate .​

Cheap,​ healthy meals like stir fry can be inexpensive as​ they use less meat than full pieces of​ chicken or​ beef for dinner .​

Plan to​ have a​ meat meal offset by a​ simpler dish like pasta every other night .​

This way your family will not go through feastandfamine when they eat like kings the​ first week and​ are eating canned chili every night for the​ last week .​

Always determine your meals based on​ what you really plan to​ cook .​

if ​ you have easy weeknight staples,​ try to​ find the​ cheapest method of​ preparing them,​ or​ make do with less pre packaged affair on​ other nights when you have more time .​

Using items like frozen vegetables can make eating cheap also healthy and​ convenient .​

Clearly the​ $300 suggestion will depend on​ your family,​ the​ age of​ your children and​ how much your budget really allows .​

Whatever your budget,​ taking the​ time to​ draw up a​ plan and​ think about your choices will guarantee that you keep more cash in​ your wallet for other important things.

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