Soda Vending Machines The Best Money Making Machines

Soda Vending Machines – the​ Best Money Making Machines
Soda vending machines are one of​ the​ easiest ways to​ make money in​ the​ vending machine business .​
However,​ like all other vending machines,​ you do need to​ offer a​ selection of​ beverages,​ such as​ soda,​ juice and bottled water .​
You also need to​ have them placed in​ strategic locations .​
The location is​ the​ key to​ making money with vending machines,​ no matter what type of​ machines you have .​
There are several ways you can go about getting the​ soda vending machines that you want for your business .​
Soda bottling companies often provide the​ soda vending machines free of​ charge .​
However,​ you do have to​ sign a​ contract saying that you will only purchase the​ supplies for the​ beverage vending machine from this company,​ which can cut down on​ your profits .​
When you buy from the​ company,​ you will receive discounts,​ such as​ one free case of​ soda for every ten cases that you buy .​
The downside to​ buying all the​ sodas and other beverages from the​ company is​ that you will pay full price for the​ supplies .​
Buying a​ used soda vending machine is​ one way that you can realize higher profits .​
You can save up to​ 50% of​ the​ cost of​ the​ machine when you buy used .​
Most times the​ vending machine distributors have refurbished soda vending machines at​ a​ much lower cost than that of​ new machines .​
When you own the​ beverage vending machine yourself,​ you can purchase your products wherever you want .​
This allows you to​ take advantage of​ sales offered from various wholesalers and quite often you can get the​ soda you need at​ the​ supermarket for less than wholesale price .​
When you restock your used soda machine in​ this manner,​ you will have higher profits .​
At one time,​ schools were strategic locations for soda vending machines .​
With the​ laws now in​ force banning these vending machines from schools,​ you may have to​ rethink the​ type of​ products that you want to​ sell through your beverage vending machine .​
Soda is​ not the​ only beverage and in​ schools there is​ a​ great need for beverages such as​ fruit juice,​ milk and bottled water .​
Converting your used soda vending machines to​ handle these products will still keep you in​ business .​
Airports,​ shopping malls and other strategic locations where there is​ high people traffic are prime places for soda vending machines .​
Often when out shopping,​ people want a​ cool refreshing drink and they don’t want to​ go into a​ restaurant and sit down .​
With the​ beverage vending machine,​ you will find that at​ certain times of​ the​ year,​ business is​ better than others .​
Summer is​ the​ time when cold soda sells best from the​ soda vending machines,​ so you do have to​ be prepared for a​ slow down in​ business when winter arrives.

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