Socializing And Making Money On Craigslist

Socializing and Making Money On
Did you know that you can use the​ social aspect of​ to​ make money? What better way to​ start to​ promote a​ business than with new cyber friends .​
The best part is​ that many of​ these cyber friends live in​ the​ same area as​ you and they have the​ potential to​ become your business associates and customers as​ well as​ your cyber friends .​
This is​ how socializing and making money on​ go hand in​ hand.
How do you mix socializing and business? You can do this on​ .​
People will be more likely to​ buy from someone they know .​
If you get into the​ social aspect of​,​ you will become known in​ the​ cyber community and this can translate itself into more sales .​
Let's examine how.
For example,​ let's say that you have a​ jewelry store .​
You need more customers .​
You post an​ ad on​ for your business and in​ this ad is​ a​ discount on​ purchases over $100.00 .​
Now you start to​ socialize on​ the​ boards .​
You talk with this one and that .​
As you connect with more and more people online,​ tell them about your ad .​
Let everyone know that if​ they go to​ the​ ad and get the​ coupon,​ they will receive the​ discount .​
The more people that visit your ad the​ more business you will receive .​
In addition,​ ask them to​ vote for you in​ the​ best of​ .​
All it​ tales is​ a​ click of​ the​ mouse as​ they are visiting your ad .​
By promoting your ad and your business to​ the​ general community you will be building a​ customer base .​
The best thing of​ all is​ that with a​ very few exceptions,​ is​ free to​ post to​ .​
So how does one join .​
That is​ simple .​
If you have a​ valid email account,​ just click on​ the​ join option .​
Fill out the​ information and then you will have to​ enter in​ the​ scrambles letters at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ page so that the​ system knows you are a​ human and not some form of​ robot .​
Other than the​ jewelry store example listed above; what other types of​ businesses benefit from socializing and making money on​ Almost any business can benefit from socializing .​
The key here is​ to​ join groups that are related to​ you business .​
If you are a​ gardener,​ then join gardening groups .​
If you are a​ homeschooling parent with a​ home based business,​ then join a​ homeschool group .​
It all depends on​ what is​ the​ focus of​ your business and what you want to​ accomplish through socializing .​
Socializing and making money on​ should not be exclusive to​ one another .​
You should try to​ join as​ many groups as​ you can,​ especially online groups .​
Online groups can be visited when the​ mood strikes you and there is​ a​ lot less involved .​
Groups that get together to​ meet are also a​ good idea,​ but there are only so many you can join if​ you wish to​ actually run a​ business .​
There are many business groups to​ join .​
Many are woman based,​ and most of​ these welcome single moms.
Unlike when you sell an​ item,​ you do not need to​ be a​ member of​ in​ order to​ participate in​ group meetings .​
This is​ fine if​ you are not posting ads .​
To post an​ ad,​ you must register .​
After scanning the​ groups available in​ your area what do you do if​ you cannot find a​ group that suits you? Then start one on​ your own .​
Think about the​ type of​ group you want to​ form,​ maybe build a​ website,​ find a​ place to​ meet and post an​ ad for the​ group .​
Many people might be interested,​ you will not know until you put the​ ad out there .​
Sometimes,​ all you need to​ do is​ ask .​
Do not let the​ lack of​ a​ group discourage you .​
Forming a​ group,​ especially in​ a​ smaller city is​ not as​ hard as​ you would think .​
There are people out there with interests similar to​ yours .​
As a​ business owner,​ this can be a​ great way to​ start meeting and greeting new customers .​
This is​ how socializing and making money on​ go hand in​ hand.

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