So Where Is There Fast Money To Be Made

So Where Is There Fast Money To Be Made

So Where is​ There Fast Money To Be Made?
Fast money is​ the​ name of​ the​ game in​ this fast paced society that thrives on​ instant gratification .​
If you have to​ work hard for something and then don’t get it​ right away either,​ well that is​ just lame .​
So gone are the​ days of​ having the​ same job for 30 years and slowly building your fortune in​ strong solid secure types of​ growth funds .​
Hello world series of​ poker,​ good buy bond investment and working slowly up the​ corporate ladder .​
Hello .com companies and goodbye factory and labor industries.
So is​ there something wrong with fast money? Not necessarily but you must be careful .​
Things that come fast tend to​ leave just as​ fast .​
Take a​ look at​ the​ .com fiasco of​ the​ late 1990s that was merely a​ flash in​ the​ pan .​
Sure,​ there were guys that made fortunes,​ but they were in​ the​ right place at​ the​ right time and they either moved on​ (which is​ what you have to​ do most of​ the​ time) or​ found something that they could do that much better than others for longer or​ that they could protect from competition in​ legal and complicated ways .​
The moral of​ the​ story is​ that you have to​ thrive on​ a​ feast or​ famine type of​ income.
Another problem with fast money is​ that you can only save up so much of​ it​ at​ once .​
Most savings funds have a​ maximum contribution,​ and you can only write off so many things then you have to​ bite the​ big one and pay lots of​ taxes for this money that you got all at​ once .​
If you spread that money out over years of​ income (which often times you end up having to​ do for your own personal budget) than you wouldn’t pay nearly as​ much in​ taxes and you could put away a​ relatively larger percentage of​ your income away for retirement.
Now there are methods of​ making fast money that certainly aren’t worth the​ cost .​
I​ am talking mainly about robbing banks,​ selling drugs,​ and other wrong-side-of-the-law types of​ things .​
There are also many things that aren’t necessarily illegal but would be a​ major compromise of​ you ethics like selling filthy magazines or​ being involved personally in​ the​ entertainment industry.
All that to​ say that fast money isn’t automatically bad but you should think twice before you jump in​ head first imagining that life is​ going to​ be all roses and marshmallows .​
Either you have to​ be lucky or​ better at​ something than everybody else in​ the​ world and able to​ keep it​ from being imitated .​
Otherwise fast money is​ money that is​ fleeting and regreattable.

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