Smart Money Is On Web Site Traffic

Smart Money Is On Web Site Traffic

Smart Money is​ On Web Site Traffic
There may be nothing more frustrating when you are trying to​ build a​ strong internet marketing plan than to​ see your email promotions fall apart because of​ poor email deliverability .​
the​ formula of​ marketing is​ one that you should be able to​ believe in​ .​
. You know you have a​ good product or​ service that customers will benefit from and that will bring you repeat business once customer relationships are found.
. You know there is​ a​ market niche out there that are highly likely to​ patronize your business.
. You know that there is​ a​ market need for your product or​ service so once the​ customers are aware of​ what you have to​ offer,​ sales potential is​ significant.
. Marketing techniques should work to​ bring customers on​ board to​ get the​ sales moving and take your business to​ the​ next level.
Small wonder that you get frustrated because with all the​ elements in​ place,​ the​ problem is​ your marketing emails are not getting to​ the​ customers .​
So you have to​ spend additional money on​ email delivery monitoring and management services and additional time establishing relationships with ISPs just to​ get permission to​ push your emails through to​ the​ customers .​

There really is​ no equivalent blockage in​ the​ non internet marketing world .​
It is​ as​ though you put a​ billboard up on​ the​ busiest intersection in​ town where customers you know can use your services drive every day only to​ find they closed the​ freeway and none of​ the​ customers will see the​ billboard .​
But you have to​ pay for it​ anyway .​

Maybe it​ is​ time to​ rethink the​ equation .​
For one thing,​ email is​ one of​ the​ oldest forms of​ internet communications there is​ .​
Maybe it​ is​ too old .​
It is​ old enough that a​ culture of​ fear has been built around the​ whole spam problem and sophisticated tools are in​ use by customers,​ ISPs and spammers all at​ war about whether scam artists should be able to​ abuse internet customers through email .​

But something has changed right under the​ feet of​ email scammers that has also altered the​ formula for internet marketing entirely .​
And that change may have made email as​ a​ less important internet marketing tool .​
the​ thing that has changed is​ WEB 2.0 which has changed the​ formula for how people use the​ internet and how people market on​ it​ as​ well .​
Because WEB 2.0 has changed the​ approach to​ the​ internet to​ make web site more than just online brochures but living places where people interact and the​ web visitor becomes a​ vital part of​ the​ web site itself,​ that changes how we​ might approach marketing to​ web savvy customers .​

As odd as​ it​ may seem,​ email may be too slow as​ a​ mode of​ communication with your customers in​ this day of​ instant messaging,​ message boards and voice over internet communications .​
It isn't that people don’t use email any more because they do .​
But with the​ imposition of​ so many restrictions causing email deliverability to​ become a​ nightmare,​ a​ shift in​ focus to​ direct marketing to​ a​ very active internet community on​ your web site is​ in​ order .​

This means that instead of​ throwing good money after bad trying to​ fix the​ email deliverability problem,​ maybe email marketing is​ no longer where the​ smart money should go .​
Instead the​ smart money might be better used to​ update your web site,​ to​ make your online presence a​ real place and to​ build and then capitalize on​ live and active web traffic as​ a​ far more dynamic way to​ conduct your marketing campaign.

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