Singing Away Stress And Anxiety Through Music

Singing Away Stress And Anxiety Through Music

Singing away stress and​ anxiety through music
Music has accompanied almost every human activity from grand celebrations to​ the​ most melancholic moments. ​
The notes and​ rhymes composed by prolific musicians have become the​ soundtrack of​ our lives. ​
From the​ romantic garden weddings highlighted by sounds from a​ string quartet,​ to​ the​ sensual noises that fill every Mardi Gras,​ to​ the​ feelgood melodies of​ Disney parades music has always played a​ central role. ​

The importance of​ music was immortalized by Rogers and​ Hammerstein in​ the​ movie musical,​ Sound of​ Music. ​
the​ movie tells the​ story about the​ stress and​ anxiety experienced by the​ Von Trapp children who lost their mother,​ Agathe Whitehead Von Trapp. ​
Her death brought unbearable grief and​ sorrow to​ the​ family,​ especially to​ Captain Georg Ritter Von Trapp. ​
in​ his own grief,​ Captain Von Trapp forbid his children from singing,​ playing and​ doing other things that would somehow show a​ certain degree of​ happiness. ​
Like sailors in​ a​ ship,​ Captain Von Trapp ruled his children and​ demanded discipline at ​ all times. ​

But all of​ that was about to​ change upon the​ arrival of​ Maria Kutschera,​ an aspiring nun who was sent by her superiors to​ the​ Von Trapp residence to​ serve as​ a​ governess. ​
Despite her very positive and​ adventurous personality,​ Maria,​ too,​ felt the​ stress and​ anxiety of​ helping raise the​ Von Trapp children under the​ watchful eye of​ the​ captain. ​

Slowly,​ using music as​ a​ tool,​ Maria was able to​ win the​ love and​ respect of​ the​ Von Trapp children. ​
Through music,​ she was able to​ share a​ part of​ herself to​ her ward. ​
the​ stress and​ anxiety of​ living in​ the​ middle of​ a​ war was made bearable due to​ Marias music which served as​ a​ melodic form of​ anxiety relief. ​
Still,​ the​ pressures of​ living in​ a​ Nazicontrolled country provided little room for enjoyment. ​
Each day brought them closer to​ stricter military control,​ making even music a​ subject of​ close Nazi scrutiny. ​

Stress and​ anxiety,​ almost always,​ hovered over Captain Von Trapps day. ​
as​ a​ Navy officer,​ he was caught between the​ duty to​ serve as​ part of​ the​ Nazi war machine and​ the​ need to​ be a​ father to​ his children. ​
to​ make up for the​ loss of​ his wife,​ he allowed himself to​ consider remarriage to​ a​ woman who was seen by the​ Von Trapp children as​ the​ farthest thing from being a​ replacement to​ their mother.

In the​ latter part of​ the​ movie,​ an unexpected romance blossomed between Maria and​ Captain Von Trapp. ​
Through her winsome personality,​ she was able to​ convince the​ Captain about the​ need to​ let the​ children have fun and​ enjoy themselves. ​
Maria was able to​ show the​ Captain that the​ time to​ grieve had already passed and​ that it​ is​ possible for the​ Von Trapp family to​ sing a​ new song. ​

In a​ dramatic escape,​ the​ Von Trapp family used a​ singing event to​ plan and​ execute their escape from the​ Nazis. ​
They literally sang their way to​ freedom from stress,​ anxiety,​ and​ all the​ things that held them back from becoming a​ happy family.

Singing Away Stress And Anxiety Through Music

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