Simple Ways To Combat Stress

Simple Ways To Combat Stress

We live in​ a​ fast paced society which seems to​ be becoming more hectic by the​ day. Every day we run into people who lose control and flip out. We,​ ourselves,​ do it​ on​ occasion. There's no way to​ change the​ world around us so we have to​ try to​ control our inner world. We have to​ take care of​ our own mind,​ body and soul.

Here's a​ few very simple things that can make a​ big difference:

-take a​ walk every day- -limit caffeine and alcohol intake- -instead of​ watching television,​ read a​ book- -at dinner time,​ turn off the​ TV,​ radio,​ and phone- -when it's sunny out,​ get outside as​ much as​ possible- -avoid negative people as​ much as​ possible without being rude- -try different things once in​ a​ while(stay out of​ ruts)-

It's not difficult to​ do these things but most of​ us won't unless reminded of​ them. So,​ put these tips on​ a​ little note somewhere visible and add a​ couple of​ your own ideas and keep adding to​ the​ list. It's been said and proven that you​ get more results when you​ put your goals in​ writing.

Try this for a​ month and see what happens.

Simple Ways To Combat Stress

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