Simple Money Making Tips For Moms

Simple Money Making Tips For Moms

Simple Money Making Tips For Moms
Moms know that staying home with the​ kids is​ an​ important job,​ perhaps the​ most important job that a​ woman can have .​
Unfortunately,​ few moms can afford to​ give up all of​ the​ income they’ve been contributing to​ the​ family coffers .​
However,​ finding the​ right work from home job can be a​ bit of​ a​ challenge .​
Luckily,​ moms can find ways to​ contribute to​ the​ household’s financial well being while they are hunting for the​ perfect work from home job.
Do your children have toys they’ve barely touched or​ clothing they’ve outgrown that is​ still in​ good shape? One great way to​ make a​ bit of​ extra money is​ to​ gather up all of​ the​ items you aren’t using anymore and hold a​ garage sale or​ yard sale .​
Make sure that everything is​ clean,​ well organized,​ and clearly priced before you hold your sale .​
You should have a​ sign that clearly announces the​ sale in​ your front yard and you may want to​ also place a​ classified ad in​ your local paper .​
To save on​ advertising costs and generate more interest,​ ask a​ few other neighborhood moms to​ chip in.
If you don’t live in​ a​ yard sale friendly location,​ you can still resell your children’s gently worn clothing as​ they outgrow it .​
Check the​ local yellow pages for the​ phone numbers for a​ few consignment shops .​
Be sure to​ talk to​ a​ few different shops to​ find one that has a​ low consignment fee and is​ also clean and well organized.
Of course,​ you can also earn money by going to​ yard sales and buying nice items at​ low prices to​ resell on​ eBay .​
Before you begin buying things,​ take some time to​ look at​ eBay auctions to​ see what sells and what doesn’t .​
Some of​ the​ oddest items,​ such as​ children’s weaving looms or​ fast food collectibles still in​ the​ bag,​ sell for a​ good sum of​ money .​
Other things don’t sell at​ all.
Another great way for moms to​ make money is​ to​ combine coupons,​ sales,​ and rebates .​
During the​ Christmas season,​ many stores have substantial rebate offers for everything from tools to​ pre-paid cellular phones .​
You can have a​ wonderful Christmas without blowing the​ family budget,​ which will make you feel just as​ happy after the​ holiday as​ your kids feel while they are opening their gifts .​
Of course,​ quite a​ few drug stores have rebate offers for hair dye,​ shampoos,​ and extension cords throughout the​ year .​
If you use these items,​ you probably planned to​ buy them anyway,​ but you may not have been considering buying them if​ you have no use for them .​
However,​ even if​ you don’t need something that is​ free or​ almost free after rebate,​ you may want to​ buy it​ to​ add to​ your yard sale stash.
Finally,​ if​ you’d like to​ be able to​ afford a​ few fun extras,​ you may want to​ consider doing a​ bit of​ mystery shopping .​
You can get free meals,​ trips to​ the​ movies,​ or​ clothing in​ exchange for information about your shopping experience .​
Just be sure you don’t pay for mystery shopper information .​
One of​ the​ best free places to​ find legitimate companies that offer mystery shopping is​

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