Should I Spend Money On Women

As the​ old adage goes,​ “Money makes the​ world go round.” You can buy almost everything if​ you have the​ money to​ pay for it. it​ makes every person wanting to​ have more to​ buy more. it​ creates the​ instant flow among businesspeople,​ consumers,​ negotiators,​ etc.

However,​ one thing is​ certainly included in​ this money consumption,​ and yet it​ nobody seems to​ be the​ least concerned about it. it​ is​ the​ fact that there are men who are willing to​ spend more money on​ women.

However,​ it​ all goes to​ the​ point that there can be “all fun and no work” game here. the​ fact is​ that the​ more you have your wealth,​ the​ more you have problems. in​ addition,​ if​ you get to​ spend your money on​ the​ wrong places and the​ wrong thing,​ you get into trouble more than you have ever expected.

Money and Women

With money ready to​ buy what you want in​ a​ split of​ a​ second,​ you thought that you could almost have everything. Therefore,​ when the​ time comes that you have to​ woo a​ particular woman that you really like; you suddenly have the​ propensity to​ splurge any amount just to​ keep her on​ your toes.

Sounds like a​ good idea? Think again.

In contrast to​ what most rich people know,​ money and women should never be mixed. They certainly do not go hand in​ hand.

In most cases,​ when women see you with lots of​ money,​ they only see your façade and not you. For instance,​ if​ they see you driving your Mercedes,​ women see you as​ someone who can give them a​ ride on​ that fancy car,​ and not someone whom they can talk with.

Of course,​ not all women are like that. But the​ fact that people,​ and not just women,​ tend to​ be overpowered by the​ great influence of​ money,​ they have this predisposition to​ crave for more.

But do not get me wrong. There is​ actually nothing wrong on​ spending money on​ women,​ especially if​ you have lots of​ it. it​ is​ okay if​ you want to​ buy your wife with things that she does not have. it​ is​ okay to​ buy your mate with the​ things she longs to​ have. But never spend more money than what she needs to​ have.

You see the​ point? Spending money on​ women is​ not bad,​ but spending too much money is​ the​ point where the​ wildest female class can drop dead at​ your feet just to​ hoard money from you.

Consequently,​ the​ problem with most men is​ that they want this kind of​ attention. in​ fact,​ according to​ some surveys,​ 51% of​ men in​ the​ U.S. are actually spending more than $100 in​ a​ month just for dates. That is​ relatively splurging more of​ their finances than they might have been earning.

The rule of​ the​ game is​ that you should never be caught up in​ it. the​ problem with most men is​ that they are so hooked up on​ women that they forget to​ control their finances. What happens next is​ that they continuously splurge gifts and drinks for women,​ and before they know it,​ all they have left in​ the​ fridge are some apples to​ last them a​ day.

So what do you have to​ do with women? Keep your profile relatively low. Do not show off your finances. Do not let your women know how much you can give them. Try to​ live a​ simple life. the​ problem is​ that once you are caught up in​ the​ sport,​ you will find it​ doubly hard to​ get out.

Money gets treacherous when men forget the​ real value of​ money. They tend to​ overlook the​ fact that money cannot buy everything,​ especially love.

So if​ ever you want to​ win a​ woman’s heart,​ it​ is​ best not to​ spend more money just to​ win her over. There are instances wherein women are irritated and turned off by the​ mere gesture of​ wooing them with gifts and money.

If this happens,​ you will be turned down instead of​ winning her attention and love. or​ there are some cases wherein women might just give you the​ love and attention that you need from here only because she is​ after your money.

You see,​ money can definitely bring you into more trouble the​ more you use it.

As mentioned,​ spending money on​ women is​ not bad as​ long as​ you get smart doing it. Hence,​ try to​ take things little by little. the​ bottom line here is​ to​ have control in​ everything that you do.

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