Shopping Stress Reducer

Shopping Stress Reducer

Shopping …shopping…and shopping again. Everybody is​ busy nowadays preparing gifts for their loves one for Christmas present.

It seems the​ word “SALE” which is​ installed everywhere inside the​ store has became magnet for shoppers to​ come. Probably shoppers will always crazy with the​ SALE items.

Don’t get it​ wrong! Not only people come to​ stores to​ look for “SALE” but also to​ release stress. Shopping has been a​ good therapy for some women who suffered depression,​ either at​ home,​ office or​ having problem with partner.

After shopping,​ those who were unhappy becomes happier and their pulse-rate and blood pressure getting normal. That’s why some therapies suggested depressed women to​ go shopping to​ boosts their ego and creates adrenaline essential for feel-good sensations.

To do this therapy,​ one must have limitation. it​ doesn’t mean you​ can spend as​ much money as​ possible because this is​ only a​ glimpse of​ happiness. you​ still have to​ face your long term condition.

To help you​ having a​ good and relax shopping,​ here are five shopping tips in​ the​ mall that will prevent you​ from disappointment feeling:

- When you​ entered the​ mall,​ pray or​ say to​ yourself that you​ want to​ buy good items with good price based on​ your financial capability.

- Don’t get panic when you​ see “SALE “sign. Take a​ deep breath to​ have a​ relax feeling so you​ don’t feel you​ want to​ buy all those items.

- Walking to​ get stuffs or​ window shopping from one store to​ another is​ good for calorie burning. you​ doing an​ exercise without you​ noticed.

- if​ your main purpose is​ to​ reduce stress,​ you​ can just look around the​ mall and enjoy the​ environment.

- Self-restraint is​ needed. Buy things you​ need only,​ so I`m sure you​ won’t regret with what you​ have bought.

So,​ happy and healthy shopping guys!

Shopping Stress Reducer

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