Seven Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Stress

Seven Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Stress 1

Our world is​ awash with a​ wave tension that seems to​ infect every single one of​ us. Have you​ driven down the​ street lately,​ only to​ find someone abusing you​ because you​ are not doing 30 kilometers over the​ speed limit? Have you​ been cursed by a​ beggar because you​ have not given them a​ cigarette? Have you​ been robbed lately,​ simply because the​ person robbing you​ wanted your LCD projector? Have you​ parked your car in​ the​ local supermarket car park only to​ find that someone has pushed a​ trolley down the​ side of​ your car? Did the​ boss come in​ this morning and yell at​ you​ because he did not get enough sleep last night? Has a​ customer rung you​ and called you​ all the​ names under the​ sun simply because you​ did not respond to​ an​ email within 5 minutes of​ sending it?

Answer Yes to​ any of​ those?

Well my answer is​ yes to​ every single one of​ those questions and that was my day yesterday. Whether you​ like it​ or​ not the​ world is​ not a​ fair place and it​ many cases it​ is​ not a​ nice one either and it​ seems to​ be getting worse.

Why? Simply put,​ our lives are getting faster and we are not learning how to​ cope with it. Nobody teaches us how to​ deal with the​ stresses and strains of​ our daily life. We simply plunder through the​ issues on​ a​ day to​ day basis.

I have read probably hundreds of​ thousands of​ books on​ all manner of​ topics but the​ few that stand out and I consistently go back to​ are the​ teachings of​ the​ Dalai Lama. I will be honest,​ I am not a​ Buddhist,​ I am a​ Christian but many of​ his simple teachings are things even us Christians should learn. in​ one of​ his books and I have seen many journalists over the​ years ask the​ same question,​ he is​ asked "How do we solve the​ great atrocities and wars we have in​ our society today?" His answer to​ me is​ quite staggerring,​ he simply replies "I do not know."

One of​ the​ things he goes onto say,​ is​ that there is​ no simple answer to​ this question. Most of​ the​ major wars simply occur because of​ one consequence that lead to​ another and then to​ another until it​ compounds into a​ situation where no one is​ in​ control and there are no answers to​ the​ problems in​ front of​ us and no one really knows why it​ started in​ the​ first place. How can it​ happen?

Let us take an​ example …

Let us imagine you​ are driving down the​ road and somebody cuts in​ front of​ you​ and causes you​ to​ break suddenly. What is​ your reaction? Well there could be many… one response could be that you​ simply under your breath say,​ "What a​ fool" and continue driving.

Let us expand on​ the​ days events a​ little more …

Let us say you​ just lost your job and you​ were stressed about loosing your house,​ what would your response be now? you​ might speed up and get in​ front of​ them and then do the​ same to​ them as​ they did to​ you​ (An eye for an​ eye),​ you​ might then have a​ major accident because they ran into the​ back of​ your car. One of​ the​ people in​ the​ car might be killed. What happens if​ a​ family member of​ the​ deceased then decides retribution is​ in​ order for the​ death of​ the​ family member and kills one of​ your own. What will you​ do?

A little meladramatic I will admit but this is​ how wars begin. One thing leads to​ another and another until things get out of​ control but it​ can all be stopped by simply controlling how you​ feel. By removing the​ stress in​ your life or​ at​ the​ very least controlling it,​ you​ will be in​ a​ situation where you​ can control your reaction to​ a​ situation that maybe devastating.

So I want to​ outline seven things you​ can do to​ help reduce the​ stress in​ your life …

1. Exercise for 30 minutes Every Day

Exercising 30 minutes a​ day is​ one of​ the​ best things you​ can do to​ help relax. it​ helps you​ to​ keep fit and a​ fit person is​ obviously a​ happy one. it​ also helps to​ pump the​ blood around your body and whilst you​ are doing exercises chemicals are being released from your brain to​ help the​ way you​ feel.

2. Listen to​ Relaxation Music

Listening to​ the​ right type of​ music is​ really important when you​ are trying to​ reduce stress and find your inner peace. Some music when listened to,​ whilst stressed,​ can in​ fact heighten your stress levels. One type of​ music,​ which research has shown to​ help reduce stress is​ Baroque music. This music is​ written so that there is​ only 60 beats per minute and funny enough that is​ what our heart rate should be. the​ baroque music has been found to​ increase the​ alpha waves in​ your left and right sides of​ your brain which help improve your learning ability,​ creativity and calmness.

Many corporate trainers are now turning to​ baroque music during memory training sessions to​ help their students improve their comprehension and their memory.

3. Meditate for 20 minutes in​ the​ Morning and Evening

Meditation is​ a​ great way to​ help relieve your stress. When done correctly it​ should release you​ from your mind and allow it​ to​ focus on​ peace. Meditation when you​ first start our can be a​ little tricky and it​ honestly does take some time to​ learn. There are many great articles on​ how to​ meditate,​ but you​ can easily start off by simply sitting in​ the​ corner,​ closing your eyes and listening to​ music like the​ Baroque music.

Some meditation masters will also encourage you​ to​ listen to​ natural sounds during meditation and even recommend the​ use of​ incense during the​ meditation process to​ help break the​ stress in​ your body.

4. Limit Alcohol and Coffee Consumption

Alcohol and Coffee are both great sources of​ stress as​ they increase the​ heart rate and make us more susceptible to​ stressful situations. Limiting the​ amount of​ alcohol and coffee you​ drink each day will certainly be a​ good start to​ reducing your stress. However,​ note one thing,​ unless you​ are an​ alcoholic,​ removing alcohol from your life totally may not be the​ best advice and you​ really need to​ talk to​ your doctor. Research in​ the​ scientific community tends to​ lead towards the​ belief that one to​ two glasses of​ alcohol like a​ red or​ white wine is​ in​ fact a​ healthy choice but you​ should always check with your doctor. Plus,​ we can not destroy the​ Australian Wine Industry as​ I too like a​ good red.

Also watch out for Caffeine high soft drinks. Just like coffee,​ caffeine high drinks can make you​ more vulnerable to​ stress because it​ gives you​ that buzz in​ your body and accelerates your heart rate.

5. Dink a​ Minimum of​ Eight Glasses of​ Water a​ Day

Without water,​ we human beings are nothing and it​ is​ one of​ the​ most precious resources we have on​ our planet. to​ maintain your health,​ most medical practioners will recommend a​ minimum of​ eight glasses of​ water a​ day and I should note - PLAIN WATER. One research program I recently read said that drinking a​ cup of​ coffee did not count as​ a​ glass of​ water. in​ fact their recommendation was for every one cup of​ coffee,​ you​ should be drinking two glasses of​ water. you​ will be amazed that as​ you​ become more hydrated,​ the​ less stressed you​ become. a​ great show to​ watch is​ Survivor. This show is​ about people deserted on​ a​ remote location that have to​ survive for so many days to​ win a​ million dollars. you​ will notice in​ these shows that people who do not hydrate themselves correctly seem to​ become more stressed as​ they go. it​ is​ worth a​ watch next time it​ is​ on.

6. Schedule Breaks During Your Day

Work is​ one of​ the​ most stressful environments you​ can be in,​ except for the​ stay at​ home moms (My hat goes off to​ them). One of​ the​ biggest mistakes people make in​ their working career is​ to​ fail to​ schedule breaks into your day. There is​ absolutely no business on​ the​ planet that requires you​ to​ work 24 hours a​ day non-stop. if​ fact,​ if​ you​ do not schedule yourself at​ least one 1 hour break every day,​ research shows that you​ are more likely to​ end up having health issues over a​ prolonged period of​ time.

Remember,​ life is​ extremely ridiculously short. Do not waste it​ all on​ work,​ get out and enjoy your day regardless of​ where you​ are and make sure you​ schedule a​ number of​ breaks during the​ day,​ even if​ it​ is​ just to​ go outside for 5 minutes for a​ cup of​ coffee. That sort of​ break will at​ least help you​ to​ get some fresh air,​ clear your mind and get you​ ready for the​ coming on-slaught.

7. Limit Email Replies to​ just 60 minutes a​ Day

The email phenomenon that we know today,​ is​ born from our own desires to​ be in​ control. the​ email juggernaut today has gotten so out of​ control that some people simply spend all day trying to​ respond to​ emails which is​ utterly crazy. My recommendation to​ all my students is​ to​ develop an​ office policy which says that you​ are only required to​ respond to​ emails for 60 minutes a​ day. I know this seems amazing,​ but in​ the​ thousands on​ thousands of​ people I work with every year,​ nobody has a​ job yet where more than 60 minutes of​ emailing is​ required per day.

Oh and by the​ way,​ if​ you​ sit next to​ a​ person in​ an​ office,​ simply pop your head around the​ corner and ask them a​ question,​ DO NOT SEND an​ EMAIL.

Stress is​ a​ real killer in​ our society and I have seen many friends of​ mine suffer major health complications because they allowed the​ stress of​ their lives to​ overwhelm them and in​ some cases it​ has shortened their lives. Whilst there are many things we can all do to​ reduce stress,​ if​ you​ implement these 7 items it​ will go along way to​ ensuring you​ live a​ long and happy life.

Just to​ finish off,​ let me quickly outline the​ seven things you​ can do to​ reduce stress -

1. Exercise for 30 minutes Every Day
2. Listen to​ Relaxation Music
3. Meditate for 20 minutes in​ the​ Morning and Evening
4. Limit Alcohol and Coffee Consumption
5. Dink a​ Minimum of​ Eight Glasses of​ Water a​ Day
6. Schedule Breaks During Your Day
7. Limit Email Replies to​ just 60 minutes a​ Day

Seven Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Stress

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