Sell Your Home For More Money

Sell Your Home For More Money
One way to​ be sure you can gain a​ better price for your house is​ to​ have a​ home inspection before you put it​ on​ the​ market.
This profitable new trend in​ real estate is​ helping homeowners uncover any necessary repairs,​ so they can attend to​ them .​
This not only helps homes sell faster-because a​ buyer will be more likely to​ commit to​ a​ home with no major flaws-but a​ home that can pass inspection may earn the​ seller more money .​
Inspecting a​ home and repairing such problems can speed home sales by as​ much as​ 30 percent .​
It's a​ small investment that really pays off.
It's cheaper to​ fix it​ than to​ negotiate the​ price down,​ says Dan Steward,​ president of​ Pillar To Post,​ North America's largest home inspection service .​
It's been suggested that for every $1 of​ identified repairs,​ the​ buyer would be looking for double that in​ price reduction .​
For example,​ paying as​ much as​ $5,​000 to​ repair a​ leaky roof is​ cheaper than having to​ lower the​ selling price of​ your home by $10,​000 .​
These are the​ 10 most common repairs that need fixing:
1 .​
Improper surface grading and drainage .​
This can be responsible for water in​ the​ basement or​ crawlspace.
2 .​
Improper electrical wiring .​
This includes insufficient electrical service,​ inadequate overload protection and amateur (often dangerous) wiring connections.
3 .​
Roof damage .​
Leaking roofs are a​ frequent problem.
4 .​
Heating systems .​
Defective items include broken or​ malfunctioning controls,​ blocked chimneys and unsafe exhaust venting.
5 .​
Poor overall maintenance can include cracked,​ peeling or​ blistered painted surfaces; crumbling masonry; makeshift wiring or​ plumbing; and broken fixtures and appliances.
6 .​
Structurally related problems include damage in​ such components as​ foundation walls,​ floor joists,​ rafters and window and door headers.
7 .​
Plumbing problems can include old or​ incompatible piping materials,​ as​ well as​ faulty fixtures and waste lines.
8 .​
Exterior problems can include inadequate caulking and/or weather stripping.
9 .​
Poor ventilation can be the​ result of​ many homeowners oversealing their homes,​ resulting in​ excessive interior moisture .​
This can lead to​ rotting.
10 .​
Miscellaneous components may require minor cosmetic adjustments.

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