Self Management To Stop Stress

Self Management To Stop Stress

Not enough time,​ boss pushing for work to​ be completed,​ children are annoying you,​ bills to​ pay,​ shopping to​ be done,​ housework to​ do,​ partner asking for your help...

Does this seem like a​ familiar scenario in​ your life? Stress is​ always with us controlling what we do and how we feel. if​ you're stressed you​ do things faster and in​ an​ unhappier way. you​ either become aggressive towards other people as​ a​ form of​ releasing the​ stress or​ you​ become submissive by hiding the​ stress.

By being submissive and hiding your stress,​ it​ internally eats at​ you​ hurting your emotions and your relationships. By being aggressive towards another person,​ you​ temporarily feel relief,​ but then reality kicks in​ as​ you​ feel more stressed from hurting the​ other person.

You need to​ learn ways to​ manage your stress and not let it​ get the​ better of​ you​ and the​ people around you. Stress motivates us to​ take action but it​ too often works against us. I've come up with the​ best ways and techniques to​ manage stress:

1) Leave others alone - if​ the​ other person is​ not involved,​ leave them alone. it​ is​ so tempting to​ release your stress on​ other people. Do not treat people inappropriately. By treating them the​ way they do not want to​ be treated,​ you​ build up their stress which they will be happy to​ put back on​ you. if​ someone is​ causing stress,​ you​ need to​ address the​ person explaining to​ them how you​ feel,​ why you​ feel that way,​ and what can be done to​ solve the​ problem.

2) Responsiblity - When you​ take responsibility,​ you​ live in​ truth. you​ do not become a​ victim of​ others. you​ begin to​ control and create your feelings. you​ stop blaming others for what has happened to​ you​ and you​ become proactive controlling thoughts,​ feelings,​ and stresses. By accepting responsibility as​ way of​ managing stress,​ you​ begin self-control.

3) Stop worrying - worrying is​ extremely dangerous for your health. By worrying you​ increase the​ chances of​ having a​ heart-attack and you​ become miserable which damages your relationships. Worrying is​ about anticipating what's to​ come and doing nothing about it. if​ you​ did do something in​ anticipation of​ the​ future,​ you​ would then be planning and not worrying. you​ try to​ think what will happen in​ the​ near future,​ but nothing more then unnecessary thoughts occur. "What if..." "What will happen..." . STOP LIVING in​ the​ FUTURE and think about what you​ can fully control now. That is,​ think about today!

4) Self-control - you​ are in​ complete control of​ your emotions. Its learning to​ manage your mind that you​ correctly manage your stress. This is​ where your self discipline kicks in. Other people do not have access to​ your mind unless you​ give them the​ authorisation. you​ have complete control of​ your emotions and actions. However,​ you're ability to​ be in​ control of​ your emotions and actions is​ dependent on​ your desire,​ discipline,​ and skill set.

5) Self understanding - you​ need to​ manage yourself and control your emotions. you​ need to​ be aware if​ you​ are treating a​ person in​ an​ appropriate way because of​ the​ stress. you​ need to​ know that you​ are stressed,​ why you​ are stressed,​ and ways to​ manage the​ stress.

6) Don't stay still - When feeling down,​ it​ is​ easy to​ throw in​ the​ towel and give up. Winston Churchill said "If you​ are going through hell,​ keep going." Don't stop and give up. I encourage you​ to​ stop,​ relax,​ and be smart,​ but do not lose the​ perserverance to​ keep going. if​ you​ are going through a​ bad patch in​ life,​ by stopping there you​ remain in​ the​ bad patch.

7) Get away - you​ may just need to​ go away for a​ bit to​ refresh your mind. if​ you​ can afford a​ holiday,​ go for it! For those who can't do that,​ go for a​ walk or​ work-out. By being active you​ release hormones that counteract stress. Also,​ by being away from the​ stress it​ clears your mind by taking it​ away from the​ problem.

Stress is​ not meant to​ make us miserable. We are given the​ ability to​ produce stress to​ complete tasks otherwise we would be sitting on​ our lazy backsides. Learn these ways to​ manage your stress,​ and you'll have stress working for you​ and not you​ for it.

Self Management To Stop Stress

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