Safe And Stress Free Shopping Building Customer Trust

Safe And Stress Free Shopping Building Customer Trust

As more and more merchants move online,​ it​ becomes an​ increasing challenge to​ stand out from the​ pack. While price may influence a​ shopper’s choice,​ it’s usually not the​ deciding factor: most buyers would prefer to​ pay a​ bit more for an​ item they feel safe buying,​ than to​ spend less and worry they’re throwing their money away.

That’s why,​ as​ an​ online retailer,​ creating a​ safe and stress-free environment for your shoppers should be a​ top priority. With internet scams and identity fraud to​ worry about,​ most online buyers turn to​ merchants they recognize and trust. if​ customers don’t feel secure spending their money with you,​ they’ll move on​ to​ another auction or​ website where they do feel comfortable.

Suspicious Minds

According to​ Steve Woda,​ of​,​ “About fifty percent of​ people who surf online don’t buy online,​ and the​ number one reason is​ because they don’t trust something about the​ transaction—the merchant,​ the​ process,​ the​ payment method. Whatever it​ is,​ it’s always about trust.” There are numerous steps you​ can take to​ convey credibility to​ buyers and build their confidence in​ you:

• Professional Image. Your website or​ auction listing’s appearance creates a​ strong impression before customers read a​ single word. Make sure the​ message you’re sending is​ the​ one you​ want to​ be sending. Sloppy errors and misspelled words signal customers they aren’t dealing with a​ serious businessperson.

• Build Your Ratings. Your merchant ratings and feedback ratings go a​ long way towards assuring shoppers that,​ should they purchase from you,​ their products will arrive and be in​ good condition.

• Good Customer Service. Promptly returned phone calls and email inquiries,​ and thorough,​ courteous communications demonstrate to​ buyers that you’re a​ genuine,​ reliable merchant who will provide them good service.

• Third-party Solutions. This is​ one of​ the​ strongest signals you​ can send that your business is​ legitimate and trustworthy.

o Seals from companies like the​ Better Business Bureau,​ SquareTrade,​ and BuySafe tell customers your business has passed inspection and been approved by trusted third parties. BuySafe will even guarantee your transactions,​ so your buyers can shop risk-free.

o Verisign and GeoTrust SSL certificates let your buyers know their personal information is​ encrypted. Other third-party solutions are available,​ like HackerSafe which scans your site for vulnerabilities,​ and TRUSTe which examines your privacy policies. Making PayPal available as​ a​ payment option also tells buyers you’ve been through a​ very thorough verification process.

There’s more than enough data to​ prove that employing any of​ these solutions can significantly increase your conversion rate. When buyers trust you,​ they’re much quicker to​ spend money with you. Says Woda,​ “I do recommend merchants… deal with buyer uncertainties by leveraging as​ many of​ these things as​ they possibly can. It’s all about distinguishing [yourself] as​ professional,​ legitimate,​ and credible.”

Safe And Stress Free Shopping Building Customer Trust

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