Rolfing Relive Stress And Physical Discomfort Through Structural Integration

Rolfing Relive Stress And Physical Discomfort Through Structural

Rolfing Relive Stress and​ Physical Discomfort through Structural Integration
ROLFING works with the​ connective tissue. ​
Connective tissue wraps the​ body entirely,​ much like a​ wet suit does a​ swimmer. ​
it​ wraps each muscle and​ muscle fiber in​ a​ continuous network,​ even supplying the​ internal membranes that wrap our bones and​ support our internal organs.
We all hold tension and​ stress in​ our bodies. ​
You may feel it​ in​ your head,​ neck,​ shoulders and​ back most often. ​
The stress may come from physical trauma like an auto collision,​ a​ fall or​ maybe surgery. ​
it​ may be generated by life situations such as​ divorce,​ moving,​ abuse or​ a​ death in​ the​ family. ​

So what is​ ROLFING? to​ say that ROLFING is​ a​ technique for physically aligning and​ standing the​ body upright in​ gravity in​ 10 sessions somehow misses the​ point. ​
For me,​ ROLFING is​ Dorothy,​ aged 67,​ a​ polio victim at ​ three and​ surgery at ​ 12,​ free of​ back pain and​ able to​ walk up and​ down stairs in​ a​ normal manner for the​ first time in​ 30 years. ​

ROLFING is​ Joyce,​ a​ 35 yearold attorney who says,​ my shoulder and​ neck pain are gone,​ and​ the​ greatest surprise is​ my new attitude and​ positive outlook on​ life. ​
ROLFING is​ an Olympic medalist in​ gymnastics who had lived with the​ pain of​ working out and​ performing with bones broken and​ muscles torn in​ childhood,​ saying,​ my back is​ better,​ the​ pain is​ gone and​ I ​ feel better. ​

The body responds to​ stress by tightening and​ shortening. ​
Most people can identify the​ muscular body tightening associated with momentary stress. ​
We say we ?hold ourselves together.? What most of​ us miss is​ how the​ yearly accumulations of​ day by day tightening and​ tension are locked into the​ body and​ affect our overall health. ​
a​ distortion in​ one part of​ the​ dynamic system affects the​ total system. ​
a​ hurt back,​ knee or​ neck might cause us to​ favor that area. ​
Since we live in​ the​ field of​ gravity and​ are constantly struggling to​ hold ourselves upright our initial favoring can become a​ chronic imbalance and​ a​ limited movement pattern.
Physical approaches to​ dealing with stress and​ imbalance in​ the​ body have been around for a​ while. ​
ROLFING is​ one of​ the​ earliest and​ most profound of​ the​ manipulation techniques; it​ is​ the​ most structured and​ developed system of​ deep tissue work. ​
Rolfing’s premise is​ that the​ body’s organ of​ structure is​ the​ fascia; and​ that life is​ an ongoing encounter with gravity,​ the​ force that is​ always with us. ​

Dr. ​
Ida Rolf she called it​ Structural Integration,​ her followers called it​ ROLFING,​ said
One individual may experience his losing fight with gravity as​ a​ sharp pain in​ the​ back,​ another as​ the​ unflattering contour of​ his body,​ another as​ constant fatigue,​ and​ yet another as​ an unrelentingly threatening environment. ​
Those over 40 may call it​ old age,​ yet all these signals may be pointing to​ a​ single problem so prominent in​ their own structure and​ the​ structure of​ others,​ that it​ has been ignored; they are off balance. ​
They are all at ​ war with gravity. ​

Rolfing is​ also my 72 year old Uncle who at ​ 72 was still teaching tennis and​ golf despite chronic pain in​ his neck,​ shoulder and​ heels standing upright in​ the​ kitchen telling my wife he still thought ROLFING was strange,​ but somehow it​ worked,​ he was no longer in​ pain.

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