Reduce Your Stress Your Children Are Waiting

Reduce Your Stress Your Children Are Waiting

Mothers are expected to​ possess huge hearts,​ big shoulders,​ a​ minimum of​ 3 hands,​ all the​ answers and the​ list goes on! What many mothers forget is​ they are not born with super hero powers to​ handle all of​ those things at​ once.

Mom=Stress. It’s a​ fact of​ life. Reducing stress is​ of​ the​ utmost importance to​ everyone,​ but especially mothers.

You know stress can lead to​ depression,​ heart disease,​ and an​ unhealthy mom. Did you​ also know your stress,​ if​ not handled correctly,​ can have a​ negative impact on​ your children too?

The most important things in​ a​ mother’s life,​ her children,​ are also the​ most influential. Children are sponges and everything Mom does they will,​ at​ some point in​ time in​ their lives,​ mimic. if​ children see their mother constantly stressed out,​ they will be more inclined to​ follow those patterns. What you​ do today can determine the​ kind of​ life your child will lead tomorrow,​ including how you​ make it​ a​ point to​ reduce stressful situations.

Mothers tend to​ overload themselves,​ which in​ turn overloads their children. Adults move at​ a​ much faster pace and their bodies are more adept to​ handle the​ speed of​ life. Children,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ are not able to​ function this way,​ which can lead to​ developmental and behavior problems in​ the​ long run if​ constantly pushed to​ keep up with an​ adult’s quicker pace.

Studies have shown a​ mother who is​ under excessive amounts of​ stress will hand out harsher punishments than one who is​ not. Prolonged stress can cause a​ mother to​ get to​ the​ point that she feels overwhelmed and will not stop to​ think before handing down discipline. This type of​ behavior teaches children it​ is​ ok to​ let your mood control your life as​ a​ parent

Children need to​ feel a​ sense of​ security and know that their mom is​ there to​ help them work through and understand the​ stressful times in​ their lives. if​ children are not taught what stress is​ and why it​ is​ a​ part of​ their lives,​ they will never learn how to​ reduce it,​ therefore leading them down a​ path of​ unhappiness and unhealthy choices. Give them the​ tools early about how to​ deal with stress and more importantly,​ how to​ reduce the​ amount of​ stress that occurs in​ their lives.

There is​ no one who lives an​ entirely stress free life. in​ fact,​ you​ shouldn’t want your children to​ have a​ life with absolutely no stress. the​ day will come that a​ stressful situation occurs and they will have no idea how to​ cope with it,​ which is​ cause for an​ extremely negative outcome.

As a​ mother you​ must show your children that stress does not have to​ control your life. Mother’s have a​ tendency to​ try and do it​ all; even when they know they are not capable. STOP! Make a​ point,​ each day,​ to​ reduce your stress levels. Eliminating just one stressful situation can make a​ world of​ difference in​ the​ way you​ feel and how your children handle stress as​ adults.

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