Reduce Wedding Stress Reclaim Your Life With These Stress Relieving Tips

Reduce Wedding Stress Reclaim Your Life With These Stress Relieving Tips

You’re a​ bride-to-be,​ certainly a​ revered title. Some might even say the​ envy of​ all hopeful marrieds....

But you’re bombarded….

Advertisements,​ to-do lists,​ future in-laws,​ the​ tiniest of​ mundane details – they all demand to​ be tended to​ – and the​ resulting stress can overpower what's supposed to​ be a​ joyous time period in​ your life. So how do you​ reduce stress? Emerge from the​ pile of​ fabric swatches,​ font styles and contracts and ..…just….breathe. During your engagement,​ step away from wedding planning,​ and take time to​ enjoy yourself as​ a​ fabulous single woman.

Kicking your heals up and relaxing as​ your task list expands exponentially may sound impossible. in​ reality,​ allowing yourself some time to​ rejouvenate will not only reduce wedding stress,​ it​ will ultimately make your wedding planning more efficient. Have you​ ever tried going for a​ morning run without a​ good night’s sleep the​ night before? the​ same applies to​ wedding planning.

Here are some easy methods to​ reduce wedding stress:

Reclaim your life and your self -
What activities comprised your free time before wedding planning seized your soul? Reading? Jogging? Shopping? Crafts? Don’t let those activities slip; take that time to​ yourself and enjoy the​ relaxation that comes with doing something that you​ enjoy. Even if​ just for a​ few hours a​ week – it​ will make a​ world of​ difference

Reconnect with friends and loved ones -
Has it​ been weeks or​ months since you​ spoke with your best friend or​ sister (NOT about the​ wedding)? Losing contact is​ easy when you’re busy or​ believe loved ones are out of​ touch with your life. Take some time to​ reconnect with your closest friends; ask them about their lives. Keep them up-to-date on​ your wedding planning – but also discuss other aspects of​ your life. you​ are a​ multi-faceted person,​ after all.

Cater to​ someone else for a​ change -
Yes,​ this is​ one of​ the​ few times in​ your life when the​ attention is​ solely focused on​ you​ and your life decisions,​ and you​ should enjoy your time in​ the​ spotlight. That said,​ don’t get caught up in​ the​ selfishness of​ being a​ bride. Do something unexpected for someone else. Take a​ break from wedding planning and cook a​ friend dinner,​ serve a​ meal at​ your local soup kitchen,​ babysit for acouple who could use a​ break…You will be surprised how good (and relaxed) you​ will feel by making others feel appreciated,​ and you​ will immediately reduce stress.

Spend quality time with your fiance -
It’s sadly ironic that in​ the​ planning of​ a​ new life together,​ couples often struggle to​ find quality time with one another in​ the​ present. the​ best way to​ begin a​ marriage on​ the​ right foot is​ to​ avoid neglecting your relationship now. Building a​ life as​ one should always be your top priority,​ (remember – it​ is​ the​ reason behind the​ big party!) so enjoy romantic evenings together and try not to​ talk about the​ wedding. Focus on​ your relationship and your future beyond the​ wedding day.

Above all else,​ don’t lose sight of​ what’s important and don’t lose sight of​ yourself. Keeping this in​ mind will reduce wedding stress - we promise! Savor every moment of​ your engagement,​ and arrive at​ your wedding positively radiant.

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