Reduce The Stress

Reduce the​ Stress
Every one of​ us can use a​ little less stress in​ our lives .​
So often we try to​ follow the​ super-human scenario of​ trying to​ be all things to​ all people,​ all of​ the​ time .​
What happens is​ we become burned out both emotionally and physically .​
This doesn't have to​ be the​ case .​
Grab a​ lot of​ index cards and write a​ specific goal on​ each--anything you​ think of​ that you​ want to​ do .​
Arrange the​ cards so that the​ goals you​ MOST want to​ attain are on​ top,​ and the​ less essential goals go behind .​
Then,​ write deadlines on​ each of​ your top three cards,​ break each goal down into mini-goals,​ and schedule time to​ achieve each of​ them.
Clean a​ bit each day .​
Obtain some index cards and write a​ cleaning task down on​ each .​
Place all of​ your cards in​ a​ box,​ and draw one each day--that's your cleaning task .​
Be sure to​ include some FREE DAY cards in​ your box .​
If you​ draw one of​ them,​ you​ don't have to​ do any cleaning for the​ day .​
Traffic delays occur for all sorts of​ reasons .​
If you​ discover you​ can't take your original route,​ you'll have to​ go another way .​
Know your alternate routes,​ before you​ leave your home or​ office .​
This way,​ you'll be able to​ allow for extra time .​
There are very few things you​ can do that will only take 5 minutes or​ less to​ complete .​
For example,​ you​ may think it​ takes 5 minutes to​ check your e-mail,​ but very often,​ it​ takes 15 minutes or​ more .​
Once you​ get into your e-mail program,​ dial up,​ read a​ few letters,​ perhaps respond to​ a​ few,​ and then close your program,​ that original 5 minutes often is​ long gone .​
Allow for more time than you​ think you'll need.

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