Real Time Mortgage Leads

Real Time Mortgage Leads
If you​ are a​ loan officer or​ mortgage broker,​ and you​ are on​ the​ market for mortgage leads,​ you​ may want to​ consider buying them in​ real time.
Real time leads or​ fresh leads are for loan officers looking for quality in​ a​ lead,​ as​ opposed to​ buying quantity,​ otherwise known as​ buying in​ bulk.
If you​ are buying your leads in​ bulk,​ you​ are undoubtedly purchasing very old leads that have been recycled from lead company to​ lead company several times over.
Real time leads arrive at​ your door step within seconds of​ the​ prospect filling out the​ on​ line form and hitting the​ submit button.
Here is​ how it​ works:
1 .​
a​ potential customer goes onto a​ website owned and operated by the​ lead company.
2 .​
The potential customer fills out the​ on​ line form specific to​ what they are looking for in​ the​ way of​ loan type,​ loan amount,​ ltv,​ etc.
3 .​
The customer than hits the​ submit button.
4 .​
The on​ line form,​ now considered a​ lead,​ comes to​ the​ lead company web site.
5 .​
The lead finds a​ matching filter previously set up by a​ loan officer.
6 .​
Once the​ lead finds a​ matching filter,​ it​ is​ than delivered by way of​ e-mail to​ the​ loan officer within seconds of​ its arrival.
If you​ are sick and tired of​ hearing I​ filled out that form months ago,​ or​ I​ just closed my loan two weeks ago,​ than real time leads may be the​ way for you​ to​ go.
But before you​ go spending your hard earned money,​ be sure to​ research the​ lead company you​ are considering .​
Call and speak with someone in​ customer service,​ find out exactly how their system works .​
The quicker you​ can get your hands on​ the​ lead,​ the​ better your chances of​ closing the​ loan.

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