Quiz Can Money Buy Happiness

Quiz Can Money Buy Happiness

Can riches buy happiness? Wealth can buy many luxuries,​ but not happiness. Money cannot buy contentment. Money can surely buy us time with a​ psychiatrist with who we​ can talk about our unhappiness,​ but no amount of​ money can buy us happiness. Sometimes more money,​ and status can rob us of​ happiness. Think of​ many very rich people. They cannot move around like ordinary citizens. They will be immediately stared at. They have lost a​ lot of​ freedom in​ quest of​ money and fame.

What gets us happiness? we​ get happiness by doing what we​ like. we​ do not get happiness by forcing us to​ do what we​ do not want to​ do. Our happiness comes from our satisfaction of​ doing our heart felt desires. Our contentment comes from that. Money can destroy friendships,​ and break family relations. the​ more money you have,​ the​ more people expect from you. if​ you refuse,​ your relationship goes downhill. Sometimes I wonder if​ we​ have more than our minimum requirement of​ money,​ will we​ be happy at​ all?

If you have a​ giving nature,​ money can buy you happiness of​ a​ different kind. When you visit an​ orphanage,​ and are able to​ donate as​ much as​ they want to​ feed the​ small kids,​ you will feel a​ sense of​ genuine happiness. Money can make you do good things in​ life that make others happy. When you make others happy,​ you become happy.
Money can help you do that. No expensive dinner can make you feel as​ happy as​ the​ smile on​ the​ face of​ parents to​ whom you have given money for their childrens medicine.

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