Purchasing Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Purchasing Exclusive Mortgage Leads
If you​ are a​ loan officer or​ mortgage broker,​ you​ may be on​ the​ market for mortgage leads .​
You may even be considering purchasing them exclusively.
Purchasing exclusive mortgage leads may not be such a​ bad idea if​ you​ want to​ cut out your competition.
Most mortgage lead companies will sell their leads up to​ four times,​ and some as​ many as​ five times .​
This is​ known as​ selling the​ lead non exclusively.
Not only will you​ want to​ purchase your leads exclusively,​ you​ will also want to​ make sure that the​ lead is​ being sold in​ real time,​ or​ what is​ known as​ fresh.
A real time lead is​ one that arrives in​ your hand within seconds of​ the​ potential customer hitting the​ submit button on​ the​ on​ line application.
If a​ lead company is​ selling you​ old or​ recycled leads,​ than you​ can hardly call these leads exclusive because it​ has gone through the​ hands of​ many loan officers before it​ reached you,​ so be careful.
The most effective way to​ make sure you​ are receiving real time exclusive leads is​ to​ call the​ lead company you​ are considering investing with.
Speak with someone in​ customer service and find out where they obtain their leads and how they are delivered,​ as​ well as​ how quickly they are delivered.
Your best bet is​ to​ go with a​ lead company that obtains their own leads through sites in​ which they own and operate.
Steer clear of​ the​ mortgage lead companies that buy their leads from third party vendors .​
There is​ no way to​ know how many times that third party vendor sold that lead to​ other companies or​ loan officers.
Remember,​ you​ work hard for your money .​
So if​ you​ are not happy with the​ answers you​ receive from customer service,​ than more than likely you​ will not be happy with the​ leads they send you.

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