Powerful And Effective Use Of Pop Up Windows To Earn Money Online

Some time ago,​ when pop-ups were first introduced,​ a​ craze went through the​ whole internet marketing arena. Internet marketers saw the​ power of​ pop windows as​ an​ effective tool to​ aid them in​ their quest to​ earn money online. Almost every marketer jumped in​ the​ band wagon and added pop-ups to​ their site,​ be it​ for displaying offers or​ gathering information. This explosion of​ pop-ups on​ the​ internet became incredulous to​ the​ point where every corner you turn on​ the​ net,​ you would be bombarded by them. This is​ exactly why the​ effectiveness of​ pop-ups has seriously declined. Since then,​ surfers have developed a​ natural tendency to​ close a​ pop-up window even before they read it. They are simply not interested! They have come to​ see pop-ups as​ an​ obstacle to​ what they are really seeking on​ your site: useful information. Very often,​ a​ visitor will leave your site if​ you have too many pop-ups appearing. They simply do not want the​ hassle of​ having to​ close all the​ pop windows. Useful information,​ while valuable,​ is​ not as​ valuable as​ the​ visitor's time. Studies have shown however,​ that even with these set backs,​ pop-up windows are still an​ effective method of​ internet marketing.

How then,​ do we​ use pop-up windows effectively for internet marketers to​ earn money online? Simple,​ we​ eliminate the​ irritating "pop in​ your face" factor!!

Many forms of​ pop windows have surfaced to​ solve this problem. First and foremost of​ them are the​ pop-under windows and exit pop-ups. Think about this,​ what if​ the​ pop-up were seen upon exiting your site instead of​ entering? You would allow visitors to​ obtain the​ information that they need,​ while letting them feel that they were able to​ browse your site without being hassled by other ads and offers all the​ while making them happy. Visitors will leave with a​ positive attitude and therefore are more likely to​ respond to​ the​ pop advertisement. Since the​ visitors have the​ information,​ they have achieved their objective and are now open to​ do other things; ideally respond to​ the​ pop-under advertisement. Internet marketing strategies could now be applied at​ this stage. a​ freebie could be offered for their contact emails to​ let them feel that they have not left your site empty handed,​ thereby helping you build your opt-in list. a​ short survey could be set up to​ get their opinion and feedback of​ your site,​ giving you valuable information on​ how to​ better improve your site to​ earn money online.

Other forms of​ pop-ups that are fast gaining recognition for their effectiveness are the​ fly-in pop windows and the​ pre-loaded pop windows. the​ fly-in pop window will present itself a​ few seconds after the​ surfer visits the​ page by slowly and unobtrusively flying in​ either from the​ side or​ the​ top. it​ is​ not as​ obscene as​ the​ direct pop-ups and serves to​ immediately grab the​ attention of​ the​ surfer and direct his focus to​ your offer. the​ pre-loaded pop window,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ loads with the​ page and appears as​ if​ it​ is​ "pasted" on​ the​ web page after the​ loading is​ finished. This pop window does not have any special appearance and forces the​ surfer to​ read its message and close it​ before reading the​ main content on​ the​ web page,​ thereby making sure your offer is​ read. Both these pop windows can be effectively coupled with an​ irresistible offer with the​ opportunity for you to​ earn money online.

To further increase the​ effectiveness of​ pop windows,​ several improvements can be made. Pop windows should be made to​ allow the​ surfer easy "escape". if​ the​ surfer does not want to​ see the​ ad and has a​ hard time closing it​ out,​ he is​ more likely to​ become frustrated and could leave your site all together. a​ button should be used that allows the​ surfer to​ close the​ pop window easily or​ make sure the​ "x" is​ clearly visible. Another good idea is​ to​ use a​ script that utilizes cookies. Cookies will prevent pop-windows from overloading the​ surfer since you can decide the​ frequency of​ the​ pop-windows,​ rather than each time a​ page is​ opened. Also,​ make sure that there is​ no more than one pop-up window per page.

During the​ creation of​ a​ pop window,​ you will be asked to​ fill out a​ short information form,​ decide on​ the​ length of​ cookies,​ and select the​ layout of​ the​ pop-window. When designing and providing the​ content of​ the​ pop window,​ you can increase its effectiveness by creating an​ attention-grabbing headline that includes benefits that will be most appealing to​ your target customer. Always try to​ include incentives and never ask the​ customer to​ read a​ long and drawn out sales pitch. Create a​ perfect pop window that is​ simple yet powerful and it​ will surely be one of​ your most valuable internet marketing tools to​ earn money online.

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