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Many people have commented that the​ first time they heard the​ name “Chris Moneymaker”,​ they thought it​ was a​ joke! Far from being a​ joke,​ Chris Moneymaker is​ now an​ icon whose name is​ well known in​ the​ annals of​ Texas Hold’em Poker.

Chris is​ the​ first person to​ win the​ prestigious World Series of​ Poker (WSOP) Tournament by qualifying on​ the​ Internet. in​ fact,​ the​ first actual table game he played was at​ the​ WSOP. Before participating in​ the​ WSOP,​ his poker playing was limited to​ three years of​ activity online where he qualified for his seat at​

Chris,​ an​ accountant at​ the​ time,​ was up against Ihsan “Sam” Farha in​ the​ final round. Each of​ the​ two men was accompanied by his good luck charm. Chris held his good luck crystal and Sam had his good luck tiger figurine. the​ No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker God smiled on​ Chris that day by giving him the​ full house winning hand of​ three fives and two fours – in​ addition to​ the​ Championship Title at​ the​ 34th annual World Series of​ Poker – along with the​ top prize of​ $2.5 million.

Since his big win and catapult into celebrity status,​ what is​ Chris Moneymaker doing now? And what advice does he have for the​ rest of​ us?

Chris had his life story – “Moneymaker” by Chris Moneymaker – ghostwritten for him and published by Harper Collins Book Publishers. Chapter One entitled “Easy Money” starts with an​ interesting Chinese Proverb we​ should all take to​ heart. “At the​ gambling table,​ there are no fathers and sons”.

In his autobiography,​ he reveals learning to​ play all kinds of​ card games from the​ age of​ seven on. These were taught to​ him by his Knoxville Grandma on​ weekend visits to​ her home. Chris,​ along with his six year old brother Jeff,​ learned to​ play bridge,​ hearts,​ spades,​ gin and cribbage.

He states he has approached several different producers regarding making a​ movie about his life and there is​ some interest in​ this project – but this has been relegated to​ being worked on​ “down the​ road”.

Chris plans to​ spend some more time with his family as​ well as​ promoting PokerStars and Canadian Club whiskey. He also plans to​ play in​ approximately six tournaments a​ year and is​ running his own company which deals in​ the​ sale of​ poker chips and poker related accessories.

His advice to​ those who wish to​ earn their living attempting to​ become a​ poker star: “Don’t quite your day job.” Chris wants us to​ be aware that although the​ world of​ poker is​ a​ glamorous world indeed,​ it​ takes a​ great deal of​ time,​ money,​ sponsors and endorsements to​ become a​ poker professional. in​ addition,​ the​ skills needed are the​ ability to​ read people,​ a​ very good memory and well developed math ability.

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