Online Freelance Work Marketplace Put Your Skills To Earn Money

Online Freelance Work Marketplace - Put your skills to​ earn money !
Looking to​ earn extra income using your hard-won technical skills ? Earn from online projects and be a​ part of​ 1 billion Online Outsourcing Industry !
You might be a​ talented programmer or​ other service provider looking for work or​ just a​ way to​ make some extra money by putting your skills to​ work .​
Either way,​ you've come to​ the​ right place - the​ online marketplace .​
Online marketplace had thousands of​ online projects to​ mach your technical qualities .​
The Buyer sets up a​ project and our Service providers bid on​ the​ projects .​
The Buyer picks the​ Service provider and the​ projects begins .​
You create the​ program or​ answer thequestion .​
When you’re finished,​ you are awarded the​ bid amount.
Online marketplace works much like an​ auction,​ where you locate and bid on​ projects and questions in​ different catagories from around the​ world ! It matches up talented professionals from around the​ world with businesses that need services on​ a​ freelance basis.
Online marketplace company handle all the​ money collecting so you can concentrate on​ what you're best at...your project .​
By the​ time you've begu​n work,​ the​ buyer's money has already been placed into an​ escrow account,​ freeing you from the​ problem of​ getting 'stiffed' .​
To pay for this service,​ Online marketplace company charges freelancers a​ share of​ freelancer's Fee on​ the​ profit from work and questions .​
So if​ you don't find marketplace companies don't get paid.
You can find projects in​ given major categories : 1 .​
Web site Design / Web site Marketing 2 .​
Programming / Software 3 .​
Graphic Design / Multimedia 4 .​
Networking 5 .​
Engineering / CAD / Architecture 6 .​
Writing / Editing / Translation 8 .​
Broadcasting 9 .​
Fashion / Interior / Landscape / Set Design,​ etc 10.Admin Support (Legal,​ Medical,​ & Accounting)
Here are some typical things you can do to​ get more bid acceptances: 1 .​
Resume 2 .​
a​ sample of​ your portfolio .​
3 .​
List of​ your areas of​ expertise and certifications .​
4 .​
a​ personal photograph.
If you have expertise in​ any field,​ online marketplace can do wonders for you.

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