No Money Down No Problem

No Money Down No Problem

No Money Down,​ No Problem
If you are on​ the​ market for a​ mortgage and you believe that you are out of​ luck because you are lacking a​ down payment .​
Don’t worry .​
There just may be a​ program out there for you.
The mortgage industry is​ a​ very diverse one .​
The days of​ going down the​ street to​ your local bank to​ get a​ mortgage are over.
These days there are literally thousands of​ lenders across the​ United States .​
If you have not heard of​ them,​ it​ is​ because they are not the​ brick and mortar banks you are used to​ seeing in​ your neighborhood,​ nor do they advertise on​ prime time television.
This does not mean that they do not exist .​
They do .​
And they exist in​ the​ name of​ wholesale lenders .​
Wholesale lenders are lenders that work in​ niche markets and offer specialty programs such as​ 100% financing where you can get a​ mortgage for the​ entire amount of​ the​ home,​ relieving you from having to​ come up with a​ down payment.
Even if​ you have money for a​ down payment,​ you may still be considering 100% financing so you can save that money for your housing essentials,​ such as​ paint,​ carpet,​ furniture,​ etc.
Most likely,​ your local bank will not offer this program,​ so it​ would be wise to​ shop around for a​ program such as​ this,​ and believe me,​ they are out there.
If you are unable to​ find a​ product on​ your own,​ consider finding a​ broker to​ help you.
A broker is​ not a​ lender,​ but they work for wholesale lenders .​
Their job is​ to​ find you the​ product which you are looking for,​ while educating and counseling you through the​ mortgage process from beginning to​ end.
If you decide to​ you use a​ broker,​ allow for a​ few to​ assess your situation,​ than base your decision on​ the​ no money down program that best fits your needs and budget.

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