Need A Copy Of Your Tax Return Information

Need A Copy Of Your Tax Return Information

Need a​ Copy of​ Your Tax Return Information?
Taxpayers have two easy and convenient options for getting copies of​ their federal tax return information — tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts — by phone or​ by mail.
A tax return transcript shows most line items from the​ tax return (Form 1040,​ 1040A or​ 1040EZ) as​ it​ was originally filed,​ including any accompanying forms and schedules .​
It does not reflect any changes you,​ your representative or​ the​ IRS made after the​ return was filed .​
In many cases,​ a​ return transcript will meet the​ requirements of​ lending institutions such as​ those offering mortgages and student loans.
A tax account transcript shows any later adjustments either you​ or​ the​ IRS made after the​ tax return was filed .​
This transcript shows basic data,​ including marital status,​ type of​ return filed,​ adjusted gross income and taxable income.
Request either transcript by calling 1-800-829-1040,​ or​ order by mail using IRS Form 4506-T,​ Request for Transcript of​ Tax Return .​
The IRS does not charge a​ fee for transcripts,​ which are available for the​ current and three prior calendar years .​
Allow two weeks for delivery.
If you​ need a​ photocopy of​ a​ previously processed tax return and attachments,​ complete Form 4506,​ Request for Copy of​ Tax Form,​ and mail it​ to​ the​ IRS address listed on​ the​ form for your area .​
There is​ a​ fee of​ $39 for each tax period requested .​
Copies are generally available for the​ current and past 6 years.

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