More For Your Money Pay Per Call A Smarter Way To Advertise

More For Your Money Pay Per Call A Smarter Way To Advertise

Pay-per-call is​ one of​ the​ biggest trends in​ online marketing right now. in​ fact,​ pay-per-performance advertising,​ overall,​ is​ gaining ground as​ more and more businesses discover the​ high ROI it​ provides. Different search engines are incorporating this marketing model,​ including AOL search,​ InfoSpace,​ and Marchex,​ who have a​ combined total of​ 1.3 billion searches a​ month.

A Quick Overview
The concept of​ pay-per-call is​ simple:

• It’s an​ auction for customer calls — you bid what you’re willing to​ pay for each call,​ and your ad appears in​ the​ search engine results. the​ more you bid per call,​ the​ higher your ad is​ ranked. You can see what similar businesses in​ your service area are bidding,​ which allows you to​ rationally price your services.

• Your ad gives information about your business and a​ unique phone number to​ contact you. Users can click on​ your text and read about your business at​ no cost to​ you. You pay if,​ and only if,​ they like what they see and actually call — which means you’re only paying for customers who are truly interested in​ your services.

• You can set your geographical service area to​ fit your business’ needs — anywhere from a​ zip code to​ the​ whole country. Your ad won’t come up in​ a​ search ‘til the​ user indicates where they’re looking,​ so you never waste money on​ out-of-area calls.

Whenever You Call Me...
This kind of​ marketing requires that your businesses be able to​ take calls. You’ll most likely get only a​ handful of​ calls each day,​ which is​ manageable for most businesses. But if​ your business is​ 100% web-based,​ and you want all your business to​ happen online,​ then it​ may not be a​ good advertising model for you.

Many companies use this marketing strategy,​ but certain businesses especially lend themselves to​ it​ — businesses where customers are likely to​ have questions or​ want clarification. if​ your business provides financial services,​ consulting,​ home improvements or​ repairs,​ or​ travel services,​ pay-per-call may be ideal for you.

Calls vs. Clicks
Though similar in​ concept,​ buying calls to​ your business tends to​ yield better results than buying clicks to​ your web site,​ for several reasons:

• Customers are further along in​ the​ buying process.
According to​ Mark Barach,​ CMO of​,​ a​ company specializing in​ pay-per-call advertising,​ “The difference is​ when people are reading your web site,​ they’re at​ the​ stage of​ gathering information. When they call your business,​ they’re ready to​ transact.”

• They produce higher close rates.
An average of​ 30% of​ these purchased calls result in​ business,​ as​ opposed to​ 1-2% of​ clicks to​ web sites.

• They eliminate fraud.
Advertisers are only billed for a​ customer’s initial call,​ so there’s no incentive to​ call repeatedly to​ deplete a​ competitor’s budget. Even hang-up calls aren’t a​ problem because calls must reach a​ certain length for you to​ be billed.

Says Barach,​ “The value proposition to​ an​ advertiser is​ unparalleled — you pay when you get the​ customer. in​ any other form of​ advertising,​ you pay in​ advance and just hope it​ works.”

More For Your Money Pay Per Call A Smarter Way To Advertise

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