Money Management Is Like Farming

Money Management is​ Like Farming
In several of​ Thom Hartmann's books about ADHD he compares people with ADHD to​ hunters and people who do not have ADHD to​ farmers .​
While many adults with ADD would not make good farmers or​ money managers,​ it​ is​ still important to​ know how to​ grow your own food and to​ grow your own money .​
If you have other people who are helping you to​ grow your money you still need to​ understand if​ they are doing it​ properly .​
There are four basic areas that you need to​ understand before you can properly farm or​ properly manage money.
1 .​
Before a​ farmer decides to​ grow a​ crop he needs to​ understand what everything about the​ crop (How much sunlight does the​ crop need? What type of​ climate does the​ crop need? How much water does the​ crop need? How deep do you plant the​ seeds? What kind of​ soil does the​ crop grow best in? What do I​ need in​ order to​ harvest it​ efficiently? etc.) If you do not understand and properly answer these questions you will not be able to​ grow a​ crop .​
If you do not have a​ basic understanding of​ money management you will not be able to​ increase your wealth.
2 .​
CAN I​ SURVIVE the​ WINTER AND PLANT NEXT YEARS CROP? In order to​ be able to​ survive and plant next year’s crop you need to​ properly save a​ portion of​ this year's crop .​
If you don't save money you will not have money when you need it,​ nor will you be able to​ grow your money in​ the​ future.
3 .​
CAN I​ GROW MORE CROPS NEXT YEAR? If you survive the​ winter and properly prepare for next year,​ you should be able to​ grow more crops than last year .​
In order to​ grow your money you need to​ be able to​ save if​ and invest it​ properly.
4 .​
CAN I​ PROTECT MY CROPS FROM OUTSIDE ELEMENTS? While it​ is​ impossible to​ figure out when outside elements will destroy your crops,​ farmers use different methods to​ protect their crops .​
Farmers use fences,​ heaters,​ greenhouses,​ scarecrows and pesticides to​ help protect their crops from outside elements .​
In order to​ protect our finances we​ use insurance .​
If you do not have the​ proper insurance you will not be protected from outside elements .​
For example a​ scarecrow might scare away the​ birds from eating at​ your crops but they will do nothing against the​ insects that are eating your crops.

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