Money Making Tips For World Of Warcraft

Money Making Tips For World Of Warcraft
There are several things you can do to​ pad your wallet,​ so to​ speak,​ throughout the​ game .​
In doing these things,​ you’ll have enough money once you are a​ high level to​ buy those high-priced items you’ll need.
Firstly,​ play on​ your own (in other words,​ don’t join a​ party) .​
Although there are benefits to​ joining a​ party,​ if​ you want to​ hoard all the​ loot for yourself,​ you’ll need to​ go it​ alone .​
If you are in​ a​ party of​ five people,​ for example,​ you’ll have to​ do five times the​ killing to​ reap the​ same amount of​ benefits the​ faster you kill,​ the​ faster you’ll get “dropsEfaster,​ too: green items drop every forty kills,​ blue items drop once per every thousand kill,​ and the​ likelihood of​ a​ purple drop is,​ well,​ unlikely .​
In order to​ make sure you get all the​ drops to​ yourself,​ going solo is​ the​ only way to​ go.
Effective use of​ the​ Auction House is​ another way to​ gain lots of​ money .​
If you have lots of​ items to​ auction,​ it​ follows logically that your earning potential from those auctions goes up .​
To check the​ value of​ an​ item before you decide to​ send it​ to​ a​ vendor,​ press ALT-TAB and check the​ internet .​
There are lots of​ sites that offer a​ list of​ the​ AH median prices for a​ variety of​ items .​
Once you know the​ value,​ you can make an​ informed decision about selling that item .​
If the​ item is​ a​ valuable one,​ don’t sell it​ to​ a​ vendor Ebring it​ to​ the​ Auction House instead.
When you do put an​ item up for auction,​ make sure you stipulate a​ buyout price for the​ item (just like the​ “Buy It NowEprice available on​ many eBay items) .​
More often than not,​ if​ someone wants the​ item they will want to​ know that they can purchase it​ right away .​
Some players say that the​ recommended buyout price is​ three times the​ base price for green items,​ and pretty much whatever you want for purples and blues.
Learn how to​ play the​ bargain game .​
Browse the​ Auction House list for items going for much cheaper than they should be,​ buy them,​ and then re-list them for an​ appropriate price .​
Eventually,​ you’ll make yourself a​ lot of​ GP that way.
Vendors will often offer rare items that will sell at​ auction for many times what you paid for them .​
These items will be indicated with a​ number in​ their icon,​ and often they will disappear for a​ set period of​ time after you buy them,​ so it’s a​ good idea to​ make a​ list of​ who sells what .​
An example of​ this is​ the​ recipe for superior mana potion,​ which you can buy in​ the​ Undercity for 1.2 GP and sell it​ at​ auction for 6 GP .​
Another good buy is​ a​ Superior Healing Potion,​ which you can buy for 9 SP from a​ vendor and sell for 50 SP .​
These items are cheap to​ list in​ the​ AH,​ so you can list them multiple times and still come out with a​ profit.
In WoW,​ a​ Trade Skill equals profit .​
Whether you choose a​ creation/gathering combination or​ get two gathering professions,​ you can make money in​ each case .​
Trade skills like mining and herbalism,​ which you can acquire in​ the​ AH,​ have the​ potential to​ earn you lots of​ money .​
The key here is​ to​ understand what items will sell .​
After all,​ there’s no benefit to​ being skilled at​ making something nobody wants,​ right? Again,​ the​ internet is​ a​ great resource for figuring out which items carry the​ highest price .​
Once you know that,​ gather the​ ingredients you need (herbs,​ etc.).
These are just a​ few tips for getting the​ most GP possible out of​ the​ game; it​ is​ by no means an​ exhaustive list .​
However,​ if​ you do these things you’ll be well on​ your way to​ being able to​ buy whatever you need at​ those high levels!
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