Money Making Ideas 23

Money Making Ideas
Everyone likes to​ make a​ bit of​ extra money .​
a​ successful sideline may turn into a​ full time job .​
Money making ideas usually involve an​ existing interest or​ skill .​
Deciding what you're good at​ is​ a​ good place to​ start .​
You may be good at​ dressmaking or​ knitting .​
Some people make little sets of​ clothes for teddy bears .​
Arts and Crafts are always popular and there are many Fairs with stalls for hand painted crockery,​ hand made jewelry,​ embroidery and metal work .​
You could go to​ evening classes and acquire a​ new skill such as​ pottery or​ watercolor painting.
Everyone leads busy lives these days and people busy with a​ career and running a​ home are sometimes in​ need of​ extra help .​
Some people advertise for dog walkers or​ for someone to​ take on​ the​ ironing or​ mow the​ lawn .​
You could fulfill your money making ideas by promoting yourself and placing an​ advertisement in​ the​ local newspaper.
There are lots of​ ways to​ earn money thru the​ use of​ your computer .​
You can register with companies who conduct online surveys .​
It doesn't pay much but some of​ them enter participants into competitions .​
You could also offer your services as​ a​ typist or​ doing data entry .​
Other money making ideas include buying and selling on​ the​ online auction sites .​
You could specialize in​ a​ niche market such as​ rare vinyl records or​ collectible toys .​
If you're good with words,​ you could write articles and press releases for companies on​ the​ World Wide Web.
Mystery Shopping is​ growing in​ popularity,​ where you're hired by a​ company to​ check out their customer service whilst posing as​ a​ genuine shopper .​
It's one of​ the​ more fun money making ideas on​ offer .​
You may be asked to​ go to​ a​ store and you will then send or​ email in​ a​ report about your shopping experience .​
Sometimes,​ companies will hire you to​ go stay at​ a​ hotel or​ have a​ meal at​ a​ restaurant .​
Increasingly,​ companies are using secret recording cameras to​ record the​ scene so it's good to​ know your way around a​ video camera.
Another idea is​ to​ offer yourself as​ a​ quiz question setter .​
Some companies offer good money for this,​ and they need thousands of​ questions for their TV shows,​ radio shows and quiz machines and books .​
It's better if​ you're a​ quiz fan and you're familiar with the​ different formats .​
Some people have money making ideas like constructing crossword puzzles and word games for magazines .​
Sudoku compilers are much in​ demand right now.

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