Money Clips The Perfect Executive Gifts For The Savvy Giver

Money Clips The Perfect Executive Gifts For The Savvy Giver

If you think hurdling the​ job interview had been tough,​ wait until it's time to​ give executive gifts. Selecting executive gifts can be a​ terrifying and time-consuming process,​ particularly because this is​ a​ time for confusion and self-doubt. What in​ the​ world can you buy for the​ boss who has everything? or​ for the​ officemate whose cubicle is​ right next to​ yours? What do you give to​ that special client whose single real estate purchase helped you meet the​ downpayment for your new car?

The most useful thing to​ remember in​ choosing executive gifts is​ to​ consider the​ personality of​ the​ recipient. Paperweights with humorous sayings,​ for example,​ won't meet much appreciation from that serious vegetarian who sits three cubicles to​ the​ right. Similarly,​ a​ bouquet of​ flowers will only meet blank looks from your dour,​ 58-year-old male boss who is​ always to​ busy he doesn't have time to​ smell his newly cleaned office,​ much more a​ bunch of​ poinsettias.

The safest and the​ most reliable present are,​ thus,​ money clips. These are the​ perfect generic gifts for executives. After all,​ who does not need money clips? They are stylish,​ sophisticated,​ and useful. They are especially helpful for the​ executive who is​ keen on​ organization.

Here are six reasons why money clips will be appreciated by any executive with a​ bulging wallet.

1. Money clips are convenient.
How many times have you seen bosses or​ co-workers fumbling as​ they try to​ fish out some bills from their bulky wallets? if​ you were given a​ dollar each time you see this happen,​ you'd have enough to​ buy an​ entire week's change of​ office attire. Money clips get your organized. All you need to​ do to​ make your cash slide in​ or​ out is​ to​ fold your bill and give it​ a​ gentle push or​ tug.

2. Money clips let you consolidate.
The average office worker's wallet would be filled to​ overflowing not just with money and credit cards,​ but also with receipts and other once-useful stubs. With money clips,​ you will be forced to​ get rid of​ them because there won't be any space for them. Bills and a​ couple of​ major credit cards would be everything you would want to​ put in​ your money clips.

3. Money clips are fashionable.
Money clips are at​ the​ forefront in​ men's fashion and are lugged along not only by corporate executives but also by professional athletes and Hollywood movie stars. No one will ever mistake them for your grandfather's wallet! Even better,​ they tastefully complement your wardrobe.

4. Money clips are versatile.
Wallets are not very adaptable. You could choose between black or​ brown,​ and perhaps add a​ fold or​ two,​ but other than that,​ there's nowhere to​ go. You will never have the​ same problem with money clips because when it​ comes to​ style,​ you can be as​ unique as​ your imagination will let you.

5. Money clips let you personalize.
Money clips may be engraved with initials,​ names,​ dates,​ or​ even company names and titles.

6. Money clips are inexpensive.
Money clips are so cheap you might even find yourself worrying if​ its the​ right thing to​ give to​ your boss. Do not let this worry you,​ however. When it​ comes to​ presents,​ its no longer the​ thought that counts or​ the​ price,​ but the​ discriminating taste behind the​ choice.

Money clips are the​ solution to​ your gift-giving dilemma. When in​ doubt what to​ give,​ give money clips!

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