Money Clips 24

I never understood the​ need for money clips until my husband announced that he would like to​ have one .​
I​ gave him a​ quizzical look that made him laugh,​ and then he felt the​ need to​ explain himself .​
He is​ a​ very busy man,​ and that means he is​ out and about a​ lot .​
When stopping into any type of​ store,​ he is​ still one of​ the​ ones that would rather use cash than a​ bank or​ credit card .​
He said having some money in​ a​ money clip would save him from getting in​ and out of​ his wallet all of​ the​ time .​
Suddenly,​ it​ all made sense to​ me.
I always thought of​ money clips as​ something that someone had to​ show off just how much money they really had .​
Since my husband is​ not this type of​ person,​ I​ never gave them much thought when buying gifts for him .​
This year for the​ holidays,​ I​ might just get him one .​
His explanation made me realize they are not always about showing off,​ but more so for convenience .​
He said that having a​ money clip in​ his front pocket would be a​ huge relief for him,​ and would make his day go a​ lot more smoothly.
There are some things to​ think about with money clips .​
I​ have given it​ a​ lot of​ thought,​ and I​ think they are not for the​ absent minded .​
This would mean I​ should never have one,​ but they are not really something that I​ need .​
Most carry their money clips in​ their front pocket,​ which means when you reach in​ to​ get something else out,​ your clip may just fall to​ the​ ground and you would never know it .​
That would be a​ problem for me,​ so that’s why I​ would never have one .​
However,​ if​ you made sure you are always aware of​ your money clip,​ you should not have to​ worry about this happening .​
Making a​ habit of​ touching it​ each time you leave a​ store would be smart,​ just to​ be sure it​ is​ still there.
You may have seen some in​ movies with money clips that seem to​ be rolling in​ dough .​
This is​ something that some people do,​ but they probably don’t have what you think they do .​
Why they want to​ appear to​ have a​ lot is​ really their personal decision,​ but it​ is​ not always a​ wise one .​
If you pull out a​ money clip that has a​ lot of​ bills in​ it,​ and the​ largest ones are on​ the​ outside,​ you could easily make yourself a​ target for mugging .​
Instead,​ keep small bills in​ your money clips,​ and limit the​ number there so it​ does not appear that you are carrying around a​ lot of​ money .​
Keep the​ rest in​ your wallet or​ in​ the​ bank.

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