Money Clip Wallets Are The Perfect Hybrid

A man’s wallet should accurately reflect his personality. So streamlined and sleek is​ obviously the​ way you want to​ go,​ right? You would not want a​ thick,​ bulky,​ unwieldy wallet now,​ would you? Money clips are often cited as​ a​ stylish alternative. But lots of​ guys who use them often find themselves with cards,​ bills,​ and IDs flying in​ all directions. Hard to​ be streamlined and sleek when you are a​ fumbling with all that stuff at​ a​ store’s cashier.

More Than Just Looking Good

Money clip wallets are the​ perfect solutions to​ this problem. it​ strikes a​ great balance between style and function. What is​ it​ exactly? it​ is​ simply a​ wallet with a​ money clip.

Money clip wallets look like ordinary billfold wallets,​ but thinner. That is​ because there is​ no bill compartment. There are no side pockets either. the​ money clip runs through the​ center and there are usually slots for credit cards at​ the​ sides. There are some things you should look out for when you purchase money clip wallets.

Finding Perfection

Obviously,​ quality will differ between money clip wallets. You should examine the​ money clip itself. Open and close the​ clip repeatedly a​ few times. the​ opening action should be easier,​ but the​ grip should be a​ lot tighter when it​ snaps back into the​ closing position. This has to​ work with the​ spring mechanism of​ the​ clip. the​ best way to​ test it​ is​ to​ bring about 20 paper bills with you when you go shopping. Test the​ clip and make sure it​ holds all the​ notes in​ place. They should be tightly held if​ the​ spring mechanism is​ working well. You should also check if​ the​ money clip is​ affixed to​ the​ wallet,​ or​ if​ it​ can be detached. You should opt for a​ non-detachable clip as​ this eliminates the​ chance of​ the​ entire clip actually slipping out of​ the​ wallet without you noticing.

The money clip actually serves as​ the​ spine of​ money clip wallets. This makes the​ wallet stiffer than a​ typical billfold wallet. So choose a​ wallet that is​ made of​ soft and supple leather. This will prevent the​ money clip from being too much of​ a​ bother when it​ is​ in​ your pocket.

As mentioned earlier,​ money clip wallets are intended to​ be slimmer and sleeker than the​ ordinary billfold wallet. You should also look at​ what type of​ currency the​ wallet is​ made for. Some are designed for specific currencies like the​ U.S. dollar. Make sure you purchase the​ appropriate one for your use.

Style only comes with choosing the​ right money clip wallet. You do not want to​ fumble around because of​ a​ poor quality money clip wallet. You do not want your paper bills to​ be sticking out of​ the​ wallet and perhaps,​ inviting dishonest hands. Consider your needs and your personal style. Then factor in​ all the​ information above to​ make a​ wise purchase. a​ money clip wallet will be the​ perfect accessory for you.

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