Money Can Not Buy You Happiness

Money Can Not Buy You Happiness

I am sure there will be many people who read this article and will think I am rather mad. Quite frankly I do not care. in​ this article I write about what in​ my humble opinion are the​ most importants things in​ life,​ health and happiness.

All that most of​ my friends talk about is​ money:

What car do you drive?

How much is​ your house worth?

How much do you earn?

How much did your suit cost?

Where are you going on​ holiday this year?

I find all of​ this very boring and think that they are rather sad. They seem to​ be in​ some sort of​ competition and they are basically obsessed about money.

I will give you an​ example of​ one such friend,​ his name is​ John. He never seems to​ talk about anything else and is​ always looking into get rich quick schemes. He is​ also in​ a​ lottery syndicate,​ of​ which there are about fifty members. Each member pays around ten pounds in​ per week. John likes to​ go out socialising on​ a​ Saturday night,​ however soon gets itchy feet at​ the​ time of​ the​ lottery draw. a​ few minutes later he will go to​ the​ toilet where he will then phone his girlfriend. He takes with him to​ the​ toilet a​ piece of​ paper with his numbers on​ and a​ little pen. After his girlfriend has told him which numbers were drawn,​ John will then then spend around twenty minutes checking his numbers,​ and then re-checking to​ see if​ he has any winning lines.

Eventually he returns to​ the​ group who seem very keen (apart from me) to​ find out how much he has won/lost. to​ date he has only won small amounts,​ however is​ convinced that one day he will become a​ millionaire. He will then start talking about the​ lottery,​ asking other people what they would buy if​ they were lucky enough to​ ever win. at​ this point I become very bored and start to​ wish I had stayed at​ home and watched the​ football.

For me the​ two most important things in​ life are health and happiness. These are two things which money can not buy. a​ few years ago,​ my dad was taken ill. He was in​ a​ real bad way and had to​ spend around five months in​ hospital. Him being ill was a​ huge shock to​ me as​ he was only fifty-seven. I feared the​ worst,​ even though I was trying my hardest to​ think and stay positive. I remember thinking,​ if​ I gave those doctors everything I own in​ the​ world,​ it​ still would not help him. I felt powerless and at​ that moment realised that money is​ only paper.

Happiness is​ the​ same,​ I remember at​ the​ age of​ twenty-one having lots of​ money and had been surprised that I was depressed at​ the​ same time. at​ other times I have had next to​ no money and have been extremely happy.

Money Can Not Buy You Happiness

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