Money Being Real

Money Being Real

Money Being Real
My brotherinlaw,​ a​ fellow coach,​ and​ I​ ​ often have discussions,​ debates,​ and​ differing of​ opinion on​ the​ value of​ money .​

Not the​ monetary value of​ money,​ but money as​ a​ core value .​

One thing that he often says that is​ really starting to​ resonate with me these days is,​ Money may not be a​ core value for you…but just try changing the​ world without it .​

He’s absolutely right about that.
Money may be one of​ the​ biggest stumbling blocks you have between you and​ an​ authentic life .​

I ​ recently held my Motivation for Healthy Living workshop for a​ corporate group of​ about 50 people .​

When I​ ​ asked them how many of​ them were out of​ bed by 7am during the​ week,​ every one of​ them raised their hands .​

When I​ ​ asked for a​ show of​ hands of​ how many of​ them are up and​ around on​ the​ weekend by 7am,​ only about a​ quarter of​ the​ audience raised their hands .​

For those who had differing waking times I​ ​ asked why they were up so early during the​ week .​

The bottom line my job requires I​ ​ be in​ at​ ​ a​ certain time and​ I​ ​ need my job to​ support my family in​ the​ lifestyle we​ want to​ have .​

When I​ ​ ask if​ ​ they would get up prior than 7am to​ come in​ and​ do the​ job they do if​ ​ they were not getting paid it​ was a​ unanimous no way .​

the​ core value there was not the​ money but the​ value of​ family and​ making their life look a​ certain way .​

Again,​ to​ my brotherinlaw’s point,​ try creating that without money.
The sad part is​ those people were getting up earlier than they would like five days a​ week to​ go do something they didn’t necessarily love to​ do .​

Why? Thats right money .​

So let’s make sure we’re honest with ourselves when it​ comes to​ the​ subject of​ money.
Here are some questions to​ ask yourself around the​ subject of​ money
1 .​

What role does money play in​ my life right now? Does it​ provide me security? Does it​ provide me pleasure?
2 .​

What choices do I​ ​ make concerning my job or​ vocation based on​ money? Does it​ have too much importance? Does it​ have enough?
3 .​

How much of​ my time do I​ ​ spend on​ money making it​ and​ managing it? Do I​ ​ need to​ spend more? Do I​ ​ need to​ spend less?
4 .​

if ​ money were no object what would my life look like? What’s between me and​ that life? Would it​ take more money to​ create it? How much effort would it​ take for me to​ earn more money toward that life? Am I​ ​ willing to​ make that effort? Would that effort conflict with another value family,​ friends,​ etc.?
5 .​

Am I​ ​ putting the​ money that I​ ​ have now toward the​ things I​ ​ say I​ ​ value? if​ ​ not,​ what’s getting in​ my way? Do I​ ​ have conflicting values,​ or​ have I​ ​ not been honest about my values?
I’ve had some real revelations about the​ power and​ value of​ money in​ my life the​ past few months .​

Why because I​ ​ finally got honest with myself .​

I ​ also got rid of​ the​ gremlins that were telling me that the​ desire for a​ certain standard of​ living for me,​ my husband,​ and​ my daughters was shallow .​

Adopting our children from China that took money .​

The dreams my husband and​ I​ ​ have about helping other children in​ China that takes money.
As the​ Bible says in​ 1 Timothy 610,​ For the​ love of​ money is​ a​ root of​ all kinds of​ evil .​

I ​ don’t necessarily love money but I​ ​ sure would love to​ change the​ world.

Money Being Real

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