Missing Money 28

Missing Money 28

Missing money
Everyone has heard about the​ millions of​ dollars that go unclaimed each and every year .​
We all start thinking that perhaps we​ have a​ long lost relative who passed away and left millions to​ us,​ and we​ just never knew about it .​
While that very rarely happens,​ it​ can and does .​
However,​ it​ is​ a​ lot more common to​ find any missing money that is​ a​ lot smaller in​ value .​
It isn’t uncommon to​ find an​ insurance policy that paid out and we​ were never aware of .​
Perhaps we​ transferred banks and somehow some money was left behind and interest has accrued over time .​
There are lots of​ people across the​ country who are missing money and don’t even realize it .​
There are lots of​ websites,​ some national and some sponsored by your local towns,​ that are set up to​ help you find any missing money or​ property that you may have set aside just waiting to​ be found .​
Most sites are free to​ conduct a​ search .​
If you happen to​ find a​ site that wants you to​ pay in​ order to​ conduct a​ search,​ move on​ .​
You should never pay any fees for a​ site or​ someone else to​ conduct a​ search for you .​
Chances are,​ you’d end up spending more to​ find any missing money that belongs to​ you than you would get in​ return .​
It would also be wise to​ conduct searches on​ a​ few different sites .​
Not that the​ results will be any different but you certainly don’t have anything to​ lose by doing so .​
There have been some scams in​ which you’ll get an​ email or​ a​ letter stating that you have an​ inheritance of​ some sort waiting for you .​
In order to​ obtain it,​ you must first mail some money for taxes and any kind of​ transfers .​
Once you take the​ bait,​ the​ only missing money that you’ll find is​ the​ missing money that you just lose in​ some scam artist’s perfect plan .​
If you actually had some sort of​ large inheritance waiting for you,​ I​ can guarantee you that you wouldn’t be getting a​ generic email .​
An attorney would be tracking you down .​
The missing money and other items that you may locate on​ some websites are usually smaller amounts and that is​ why people don’t bother to​ try to​ locate the​ rightful owners .​
The chances of​ becoming rich from finding any missing money listed on​ these sites is​ incredibly low .​
You may find you have enough money for a​ grocery store visit or​ a​ trip to​ the​ mall,​ but not much more .​
However,​ it​ never hurts to​ search and have some hope.

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