Miami Money Talks

Miami Money Talks

Miami Money Talks
Consistently on​ top of​ investors' lists of​ prime real estate areas,​ Miami continues to​ prove that its lands and properties are worthy,​ not to​ mention,​ deserving of​ big investments .​
As if​ its colorful night life and fabulous beaches weren't enough reason to​ buy property on​ this strip of​ heaven,​ developers of​ the​ area continue to​ put up skyscraper condos and apartments .​
With an​ array of​ spacious villas and urbane condos,​ Miami real estate are truly hot stuff.
The latest in​ the​ Miami real estate scene is​ the​ rapidly developing downtown Miami .​
Pre-construction buildings,​ apartments and condos are sold in​ a​ rate even builders did not expect .​
Almost all units are sold even before a​ construction project is​ finished .​
The influx of​ many investors in​ real estate fueled the​ rise of​ new stores,​ malls,​ theater,​ and cafes .​
Miami downtown is​ proving to​ be a​ sunny New York .​
Not to​ be outdone,​ even old communities and developed areas are getting the​ attention of​ small developers .​
The leveling of​ old buildings start the​ reconstruction of​ newer and more promising establishments.
On a​ grander scale,​ skyscrapers are slowly but surely replacing old buildings .​
The state university even started the​ development of​ a​ 15-storey,​ $74,​000,​000 clinical research facility of​ 338,​000 square meters .​
Miami real estate never looked so promising with more than twenty fresh pre-construction projects .​
In addition,​ new laws and city development guidelines are being drafted and prepared for a​ hipper and younger population .​
Add to​ that a​ reliable and responsible local government and efficient taxation system and Miami has the​ makings of​ being the​ next major player in​ Florida .​
You'd think that with these developments,​ people will soon stop buying and all the​ buildings will be left unfinished .​
Wrong conclusion,​ in​ fact,​ the​ real estate market in​ Miami has never been so active as​ it​ is​ today.
Developers and statistic records show that over 700 units can be sold in​ as​ little as​ 9 days .​
And these units range from $800 to​ twice or​ thrice the​ amount per square meter .​
Four days are all that is​ needed to​ sell a​ whole building or​ two .​
Now,​ that's serious money .​
Of course,​ there are Miami's regular celebrity buyers but most of​ the​ other buyers are people who have that blessed instinct of​ knowing where to​ invest .​
Aside from serious financial gain,​ other reasons for buying Miami real estate is​ the​ sunny weather .​
People from the​ north are rushing to​ buy Miami property for a​ chance to​ enjoy the​ sunshine all year .​
Other buyers,​ believe it​ or​ not are also from Miami .​
They are moving into the​ cities to​ reduce travel time and enjoy the​ comforts of​ city life .​
Some choose to​ stay downtown while putting their beach villas for rent .​
If you want to​ invest your money,​ do it​ in​ Miami .​
Even if​ you won't live there,​ your property would fetch high rent rates .​
After all,​ it's hard to​ resist a​ beach front paradise even if​ do come with a​ sky-high price tag.

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