Memory Techniques Success And Money

Memory Techniques Success And Money

Can I improve my memory?

The evidence that your memory is​ trainable can be found in​ both ancient scholarship and modern business. the​ techniques of​ memory enhancement have existed for thousands of​ years and are serving major firms today. the​ systems have been used and taught by some of​ the​ greatest minds in​ history,​ including Plato,​ Aristotle,​ Cicero,​ Caesar Augustus,​ Thomas Aquinas,​ Dante,​ Francis I,​ Henry III of​ France,​ and Leibniz. Memory systems have also assisted countless scholars,​ business merchants,​ doctors,​ lawyers,​ kings and emperors. These ancient memory systems have been adapted for use in​ modern business today. Corporations,​ governments and organizations have already begun to​ use these memory systems in​ their regular day-to-day business and workplace environments.

Can memory techniques make me money?

In the​ world today information is​ the​ most important product on​ the​ open market. to​ lose it​ or​ to​ lose control over it​ can be the​ end to​ a​ business. Here is​ a​ short list of​ some examples where memory systems can make money or​ save money:

1) Without memory aids,​ an​ executive spends around 30 minutes a​ day searching for things on​ his desk.

2) Much business occurs off the​ record,​ often ending with a​ handshake. it​ can be disastrous to​ a​ business deal to​ forget an​ important point discussed during a​ meeting.

3) it​ builds rapport and cements relations with clients by remembering more about them.

4) it​ really enhances efficiency,​ comprehension and productivity.

5) Knowing your products inside out gives you instant credibility.

Memory techniques and business success.

Successful companies have without a​ doubt already people who are qualified for their jobs. But job skills and education are no guarantee of​ a​ good and reliable memory. Memory techniques skills are not taught in​ the​ school systems,​ or​ even at​ the​ college and university level. a​ good memory can is​ possible as​ a​ result of​ developing special skills in​ mnemonics that is​ the​ real science of​ memory.

Memory Techniques Success And Money

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