Making Scrapbooks Money And Have Fun While Doing It

Making Scrapbooks,​ Money And Have Fun While Doing It
If you are one of​ those creative and innovative people who love to​ work on​ scrapbooks,​ you might want to​ turn your hobby into a​ very profitable home business .​
There are endless possibilities when it​ comes to​ scrapbook making .​
Note that a​ lot of​ people love to​ have some really nice custom made keepsakes for different occasions .​
However,​ due to​ the​ fast paced lives that we​ have,​ most of​ us could not find the​ time to​ sit down and assemble our special memories into a​ scrapbook .​
Since there’s a​ strong demand for scrapbooks in​ the​ country today,​ one can easily earn a​ good living by doing the​ things that one truly loves to​ do.
Starting up your business
To get started with your scrapbook making business,​ you will need to​ clear out a​ space in​ your house where you can work undisturbed .​
If you don’t have an​ extra room in​ the​ house which you can turn into an​ office,​ just find a​ quite corner with good ventilation and lighting .​
You might want to​ work near a​ window so that you can take advantage of​ the​ daylight .​
To get started,​ you will need a​ working table,​ some glue,​ pencils,​ pens,​ coloring materials,​ scissors,​ cutters,​ paper punches,​ trinkets and lots of​ paper.
If you have children in​ the​ house,​ you might want to​ invest in​ a​ filing cabinet with a​ lock where you can keep all your stuff .​
Children are usually attracted to​ colorful trinkets and papers so it​ is​ better to​ hide your scrapbook making materials .​
There is​ really no point of​ quarrelling with your kids about papers and scrapbook making materials.
Once you have everything that you need,​ start by making some samples and take digital pictures of​ your creation .​
Post these pictures online together with their short descriptions and their prices .​
Once you have everything in​ place,​ you can start marketing your products by sending out e-mails to​ friends,​ relatives and colleagues .​
Invite them to​ take a​ look at​ your products .​
You can also ask your friends,​ relatives and colleagues to​ invite their friends to​ take a​ look at​ your site .​
You may also send out press releases to​ free public relations websites and join forums to​ invite people over to​ your site .​
Although there are really no guarantees that press releases and open invitations at​ forums will generate you some business,​ it​ can still help your site gain some exposure.
To help you get your first batch of​ customers,​ you may want to​ offer some perks to​ your would be clients .​
For instance,​ you can offer 50% discount to​ your first 10 clients and offer 20% discount on​ repeat orders .​
The good thing about giving out discounts is​ that a​ lot of​ people will be enticed to​ buy your product because of​ the​ discounts.
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