Making More Money During The Holidays

Making More Money During The Holidays

Tis the​ season! People are in​ a​ buying mood. Many retailers make half their yearly revenue from now until Christmas. People will be shopping for gifts,​ decor,​ food,​ and more for Christmas,​ Hanukkah and Kwanza. How can you increase your sales during the​ holiday season? if​ you run a​ small or​ home-based business,​ make sure you plan to​ incorporate some special promotions during this time. It’s tempting to​ put off business until “after the​ holidays” and focus on​ your own celebrations—there’s always so much to​ do. That’s fine if​ it’s your choice. But if​ you are trying to​ increase business,​ now is​ a​ great opportunity to​ do so.

Here are some simple,​ low-cost ways to​ increase your revenues during this busy shopping season:

Revamp your descriptions:

Think about how your product/service would make a​ nice gift and tell your prospective customers. “Makes a​ great gift for the​ special guy in​ your life”. Perhaps you could create a​ gift suggestions flyer. People need help choosing great presents for their friends and family. Help them out by telling them what to​ buy for their mom,​ dad,​ wife,​ husband,​ sweetheart,​ child,​ co-worker,​ aunt,​ etc. Offer your “gift-buying” guide free on​ your website,​ put it​ in​ with all your orders,​ and distribute it​ around town.

If you provide a​ service,​ those make great gifts,​ too—who doesn’t like a​ massage,​ or​ a​ free housecleaning,​ or​ a​ free tax planning session? Sell gift certificates for your services. a​ key selling point is​ that people don’t think to​ give services,​ but they can be very unique and appreciated gifts. You might have to​ come up with ideal recipients—i.e.,​ for the​ harried homemaker,​ the​ busy executive,​ the​ loving mother,​ and so on. Tell your customer (the gift-giver) how much the​ recipient would love your service instead of​ a​ fruitcake

Create Gift Packages:

Perhaps you could bundle several products into a​ basket. Think about the​ “recipients” and create special baskets—for example,​ if​ you sell cosmetics,​ create a​ “teen-dream” makeup kit,​ an​ “anti-aging” kit,​ a​ “glamour party makeup” kit,​ and so on. Almost any business can come up with creative packaging or​ bundling for their products and for their services. For services,​ you could do a​ “buy one,​ get half-off” package. or​ a​ buy three,​ get one free package. You can even team up with partners to​ create super packages—a spa and a​ housecleaning service could combine a​ massage & a​ house-cleaning for a​ fabulous gift for working moms.

Offer Free Gift Wrapping or​ Free Shipping:

The word “free” gets attention. Wrapping and shipping are two things that add to​ the​ cost of​ the​ gift and if​ you can include it,​ that would increase your sales. to​ make it​ worthwhile,​ set a​ spending requirement—free gift wrap on​ items over $50 or​ something similar. Ditto for shipping. You can even run specials where shipping is​ only $5 for all orders by a​ certain date,​ or​ gift wrapping is​ free on​ Mondays.

Holiday Give-Aways:

It’s nice to​ do something extra for your customers during the​ holidays. if​ you have a​ retail store,​ bring in​ Christmas cookies or​ candy or​ hot chocolate. if​ you ship products,​ buy some ornaments at​ the​ dollar store and toss them in​ with the​ orders. if​ you visit clients,​ take a​ small goodie bag or​ fruit basket. the​ ideas are endless. For spa-type businesses (products or​ services for anything from manicures to​ bath gel),​ consider a​ sample of​ a​ product – a​ holiday-printed emery board costs pennies and is​ a​ nice thought. For an​ event planner,​ send everyone a​ “holiday party guide” even if​ you don’t have their business this year—fill it​ with great ideas and you’ll get more business! For a​ wedding planner,​ a​ personalized ornament for all your wedding couples will create much good will.

My Holiday Card Rule:

If you are going to​ send holiday cards,​ please,​ please,​ please sign them. Having your company name pre-printed on​ the​ card is​ so impersonal that you’d do better saving your money. Hand-addressing your cards is​ nice,​ too,​ but some people have illegible handwriting,​ so printing the​ envelopes is​ okay. But,​ really,​ an​ unsigned card is​ simply going to​ send the​ message that you don’t have time to​ be bothered with things like signing cards and you never want your customers to​ think you don’t have time for them. It’s the​ greeting card version of​ a​ form letter.

Action Item: Take a​ few minutes to​ write down some holiday ideas you can implement in​ your own business—just one could be enough. Don’t overload yourself-one idea well executed will be more fruitful than 20 haphazard ones. Then,​ put it​ on​ your calendar and spread some holiday happiness to​ your customers!

Making More Money During The Holidays

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