Making Money With Storage Auctions And Craigslist

Making Money With Storage Auctions And Craigslist

Making Money with Storage Auctions and Craigslist
Are you looking for a​ relatively easy way to​ make money with the​ buying and reselling of​ goods? Your first thought may be to​ attend neighborhood yard sales,​ but there is​ an​ even better option .​
That option is​ attending mini storage auctions .​
At these auctions,​ you tend to​ get more merchandise for your money.
If you want to​ make money with the​ buying and reselling of​ merchandise,​ you need to​ find a​ profitable method of​ reselling .​
You do have a​ number of​ different options,​ including eBay,​ yard sales,​ and flea markets .​
One option that you may want to​ pay close attention to​ is​ that of​ Craigslist.
If you are an​ avid internet user,​ you may have heard of​ Craigslist before .​
If not,​ it​ is​ a​ free online classified website .​
a​ wide range of​ information is​ posted,​ including job want ads and garage sales,​ but you can also list items available for sale .​
the​ website is​ divided into separate sections for cities.
To make a​ profit with the​ buying and reselling of​ self-storage auction units,​ you need to​ limit your expenses .​
This starts at​ the​ auction .​
Do not bid high unless you are sure you are getting valuables .​
Next,​ limit your expenses when trying to​ resell the​ items .​
This is​ why Craigslist is​ recommended .​
As previously stated,​ it​ is​ a​ free online classified website .​
This means that you do not have to​ pay to​ list your items for sale,​ unlike the​ popular online bidding website eBay.
If you perform a​ search on​ the​ website,​ you will find that many people are selling merchandise without posting pictures .​
Do not do this .​
If you have a​ digital camera or​ even if​ you must borrow one,​ use it .​
Classified ads with pictures are likely to​ generate more interest,​ which increases your chances of​ making a​ sale .​
Before taking any pictures,​ be sure to​ clean the​ item in​ question.
On Craigslist,​ you can post classified ads without having an​ account .​
You are encouraged to​ signup for one anyways .​
When you do so,​ those interested in​ buying your merchandise can contact you through the​ website .​
This is​ ideal if​ you don’t want your personal information,​ such as​ your email address or​ phone number listed online.
Since classified advertisements are free to​ post on​ Craigslist,​ you will want to​ create a​ listing for each item that you have .​
This is​ important as​ you will be able to​ create a​ unique headline .​
You don’t want your headline to​ be something general like a​ lot of​ items for sale .​
Instead,​ write 1999 push lawnmower – works great .​

Although you are encouraged to​ create separate postings for each item that you want to​ sell,​ there are a​ few benefits to​ grouping similar items in​ lots .​
For example,​ did you end up buying a​ box full of​ DVDs? Instead of​ listing those DVDs for sale individually,​ sell them together in​ one lot .​
This works great if​ the​ movies share similar themes,​ such as​ all action and adventure.
Grouping items together in​ lots can also reduce the​ amount of​ merchandise you throw away or​ donate to​ charity .​
Do you have a​ collection of​ kid’s clothes with sizes between 3T and 5T? If you have a​ mixture of​ name brand and off brand clothing pieces,​ you may consider donating the​ unknown brands,​ but you don’t have to​ .​
Sell them altogether .​
As long as​ you have a​ few name brands in​ the​ group,​ everything should sell.
When listing merchandise you purchased at​ a​ mini storage auction on​ Craigslist,​ it​ is​ important to​ choose an​ easy method of​ contact .​
If you opt to​ be contacted through the​ website,​ be sure to​ check your email .​
Have an​ answering machine turned on​ if​ you provided your phone number and will not be home.
Finally,​ decide on​ a​ method of​ delivery or​ pickup .​
State this in​ your listings .​
You can deliver products to​ your buyer,​ but keep the​ cost of​ gasoline in​ mind .​
Don’t let unnecessary travel expenses prevent you from profiting from the​ buying and reselling of​ public storage auctions.

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