Making Money With Online Affiliate Programs

Making Money With Online Affiliate Programs

There are plenty of​ ways an​ industrious individual can make money online. Countless people have turned to​ the​ World-Wide-Web looking for a​ good money making opportunity they can accomplish from the​ comfort of​ their own home. it​ may seem daunting at​ first but you can make money online if​ you learn,​ duplicate and most importantly have the​ determination to​ just start.

One of​ the​ most ingenious ways to​ supplement or​ even replace your income is​ through online affiliate programs. Online affiliate programs first sprang up in​ 1996 when started paying websites for referring customers to​ their site. Now in​ 2006 online affiliate programs are a​ mainstay in​ the​ e-commerce world. Even Fortune 500 companies such as​ Dell,​ Walmart and Apple have adopted the​ online affiliate program marketing module.

Online affiliate programs provide home business professionals and online entrepreneurs a​ risk-free form of​ advertising to​ produce revenue from their websites. Affiliate marketing has become an​ increasingly popular home based business opportunity because:

  • It requires no production costs
  • Very low start-up costs
  • No employees
  • No inventory
  • No order processing
  • No shipping
  • No customer service
  • Very limited risk

So you don't have a​ website? in​ many cases you do not even need to​ operate a​ website or​ know any HTML to​ make money with online affiliate programs. With the​ maturation of​ contextual advertising through Yahoo! Publisher and Google Adwords many pay-per-click (PPC) savvy online affiliate marketers have moved away from deploying websites and focus entirely on​ search engine marketing (SEM). This may be a​ good way for some to​ test the​ waters with marketing online affiliate programs but if​ you're not familiar with setting up PPC campaigns tread lightly. the​ cost per click can quickly add up with little return on​ your investment if​ done improperly. as​ for myself I still believe content is​ king and always will be. Having real estate on​ the​ web is​ much like owning a​ piece of​ property,​ it​ only matures and appreciates in​ value with age.

An article published by Click Z News identified that according to​ eBay their largest affiliate earned over $1.3 million dollars in​ January 2005 commissions,​ the​ largest amount yet in​ their online affiliate program's history. Their top 25 affiliates averaged over $100,​000 per month each and the​ top 100 affiliates earn almost $25,​000 each per month.

With these sort of​ numbers buzzing around the​ Internet it's no wonder affiliate marketing is​ quickly becoming the​ numero uno money making opportunity online. There are literally thousands of​ people just like you making a​ very handsome living from selling other peoples products online.

Don't be fooled though. As we​ all know there are NO get-rich-quick programs online or​ offline. Like any business making money with affiliate programs takes work,​ dedication and education.

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