Making Money With Articles Placing Banner Advertisements On Your Website

Making Money with Articles: Placing Banner Advertisements On Your Website
Placing banner advertisements on​ your website can increase your monthly revenue greatly .​
This option is​ better than being an​ affiliate for several companies because you will get one monthly fee no matter how many of​ your visitors go to​ the​ website or​ make a​ purchase .​
The main thing is​ for you to​ create an​ informative website filled with useful articles,​ so that you can generate a​ high amount of​ returning visitors .​
As your site rises on​ search engine rankings,​ the​ blank space on​ your site will begin to​ look more and more appealing to​ advertisers .​
Anyone can be an​ affiliate,​ but to​ have a​ banner placed in​ a​ good spot on​ a​ high-ranking website will bring in​ the​ most revenue for a​ company .​
Once you have established yourself as​ a​ site that can be profitable for them,​ you can rent out different spaces on​ your site for advertisers to​ place banner ads .​
Each month you will be paid the​ same fee,​ no matter how much they do or​ do not make off of​ you .​

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