Making Money With Affiliate Programs 4 Proven Steps To Success

Making Money With Affiliate Programs 4 Proven Steps To Success

Dennis signed up for a​ super affiliate program and was ready to​ start making cash. His merchant paid out 66 dollars per commission,​ and calculated that with just 8 sales a​ week he would be making about $1,​000 a​ month. He set up a​ Adwords campaign that would cost him $45 a​ month,​ wrote some articles and submitted them and waited for the​ money to​ start rolling in. Then he waited,​ and waited.......over a​ month later he ended up with three sales commissions. After adding and subtracting the​ numbers,​ he made just over 95 bucks total net profit.

This case may seem a​ little extreme,​ but it​ may not be as​ far fetched as​ you think. Most affiliates don't even get as​ far as​ Dennis! 99% of​ all affiliates barely make a​ living on​ the​ Internet while the​ other 1% are making a​ killing! What is​ the​ difference? Why do so many fail?

Well,​ what Dennis and the​ other %99 don't understand is​ that there is​ a​ lot more to​ affiliate success then just sending potential customers to​ an​ affiliates site. the​ next 6 steps will reveal some secrets of​ top affiliates. They are simple but their simplicity should not be overlooked.

Follow them and you will succeed.

First,​ select an​ affiliate program that pays out a​ good commission. Anything less than $20 should not be considered. Then you should buy the​ product and use it. a​ personal,​ honest recommendation is​ very convincing and will help you in​ your credibility.

Make sure your affiliate program provides you with enough materials to​ help you succeed. Some affiliate programs will actually give you a​ re-brand able ebook to​ brand with your affiliate links that you can give away. Either way you will have to​ have some kind of​ free ebook or​ report to​ give away,​ so if​ your affiliate doesn't provide you with one you can buy one or​ make one yourself.

Now,​ you need to​ get an​ auto responder. This is​ how you will contact the​ list of​ people you will be creating,​ but don't worry I'll get to​ that. There are lot of​ auto responders out there,​ but is​ the​ best,​ hands down. I would say more than half of​ all Internet marketers are using Aweber. You will also need to​ make some follow up emails but we'll get to​ that in​ a​ second.

Now set up your email follow up. it​ should be about 6-10 emails that reminds them about the​ report they downloaded,​ and introduces them to​ your affiliate program. For instance,​ you could say something like; Hey thanks for getting Top Ten Secrets of​ Super Affiliates! Before you read it,​ go get a​ copy of​ insert affiliate here before the​ price goes up. it​ will reveal all the​ secrets of​ the​ world's greatest affiliates.

Your emails should be short,​ but effective. Oh yeah,​ send them another freebie that they weren't expecting. They will love that,​ and it​ will increase their confidence in​ you and the​ chance they buy from you will increase!

The last step is​ to​ advertise for your free report or​ ebook. Article writing is​ the​ best way to​ do that for now. It's free,​ and until you get a​ website it's your only choice. in​ your article resource box,​ have your reader send a​ blank email to​ your auto responder to​ get your free report. Submit 3-4 articles a​ week and before you know it​ you'll have a​ list growing. it​ will take a​ while to​ build your list,​ but it​ will become invaluable to​ you.

There you have it. Using these simple steps you can make money with any affiliate program. Now go out there and get started! Don't get discouraged if​ you fail,​ the​ important thing is​ you go out there and do it. Here's to​ your success!

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