Making Money Over The Internet A 5 Step Formula

Getting rich is​ the​ dream of​ many. And internet is​ a​ good medium to​ get rich fast. But one have to​ do a​ great deal of​ homework and consistent effort to​ get rich. in​ this short exposure I will outline the​ five step procedure to​ make money using internet.

Step1. Have a​ basic knowledge about internet.

Internet is​ a​ vibrant medium. it​ is​ also highly dynamic and evolving. What is​ selling today may be considered garbage tomorrow. So anybody planning to​ do an​ internet business should have a​ basic knowledge about internet,​ its evolving trends and the​ possibilities.

Step2: Get a​ business idea:

if​ you think that you have ingenuity,​ originality and enough time,​ you can workout your own business idea. or​ if​ you are ready to​ research a​ little you can get enough articles discussing original business ideas. if​ you are a​ butterfly on​ the​ internet,​ you can adapt the​ idea from a​ successful business site (of course without infringing the​ intellectual property rights) and make your own variations of​ it. if​ you are still lazier you can approach a​ consultant for the​ purpose. the​ important thing is​ that you must have an​ idea.

Step3: Work out the​ idea to​ minute detail.

an​ abstract idea like “I should have a​ site selling books” will not fetch you money. So many things have to​ be decided upon. What content you should have on​ the​ site,​ how you interact with customers,​ how do you prevent frauds,​ how do you advertise your site and so on. Another very important thing is​ the​ user interface .In all these things a​ consultant may be of​ help to​ you,​ but if​ you want to​ learn and innovate he may be a​ hindrance too. This phase is​ a​ little time consuming,​ but it​ lets you weave dreams about your business. Also it​ is​ advised to​ document your design dreams. because these forms the​ blueprint of​ your business.

Step4. Implement the​ business:

Once you have the​ complete idea of​ a​ web business you must start implementing it. if​ your site permits you can go for an​ incremental implementation,​ starting with a​ minimum set of​ features and adding new features gradually. This will help you to​ start earning from an​ early stage. the​ advertisement can go side by side. in​ many phases you may have to​ get external help or​ advice.

Step5 Constantly improvise.

as​ I have said earlier trends in​ internet are changing at​ a​ rapid phase and if​ you do not make changes in​ the​ interface and working style of​ your site will not be liked by people. So you must constantly watch competing or​ similar sites and evolve your site over time. the​ feedback from the​ users is​ a​ good indicator in​ this regard. Also you must be willing to​ diversify ,​expand and even divert your business according to​ market forces and user needs.

I would like to​ get your feedback regarding this article. Please feel free to​ mail me your opinions.

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