Making Money On The Web The Truth Revealed

I am an​ avid internet user; I love the​ fact that there is​ information on​ almost any topic that you could think of​ at​ the​ tips of​ your fingers. Through my journeys on​ the​ information highway,​ I have several times come across “Make money on​ the​ internet!” “Free and easy program,​ make over $2100 a​ day”. They trickled in​ slowly,​ but lately I have noticed them more and more. Ads,​ banners,​ and junk e-mail as​ far as​ the​ eye can see filled with promises of​ making huge amounts of​ money,​ working part time hours from home.

So what is​ the​ truth? What is​ a​ scam and what is​ legitimate work that you can make real money with? Through some countless hours I have found some answers and insight into making money on​ line. First of​ all,​ if​ you are looking for something totally free,​ no money at​ all; then keep looking with even the​ most legit opportunities cost something to​ start up. Secondly,​ going into any business venture looking to​ “get-rich-quick” is​ unrealistic,​ everything takes time. Do not think that you are going to​ be able to​ retire in​ a​ few weeks,​ it​ rarely if​ ever happens that way.

So,​ you decide you want to​ give working on​ the​ internet a​ shot. There are a​ few things to​ remember. Most of​ what people are selling is​ information. There are thousands of​ the​ same sites out there that have self-created themselves as​ middlemen. For example,​ there are a​ lot of​ ads to​ earn money taking surveys. They advertise on​ average of​ $25 per survey that you complete. They charge anywhere from $10-$60 for a​ one time membership fee. But,​ what they do not tell you often times or​ bury in​ the​ fine print is​ that all they do is​ give you some tips to​ making money with surveys and a​ listing of​ survey sites. They do not pay you,​ they do not give you the​ surveys,​ and they more or​ less just point you in​ the​ right direction. if​ you keep digging a​ bit through the​ search engines you can find several free sites that offer critiques and listing of​ the​ best survey sites that pay out money. Most of​ the​ survey site,​ if​ not all offers free membership to​ take surveys.

Most of​ the​ data entry jobs that I looked into were all about the​ same things…..placing ads. You pay a​ company anywhere from $30-$200 for them to​ tell you how to​ place pay-per-click ads. the​ deal with these companies is​ that that they are so vague,​ like many of​ the​ companies out there,​ that there is​ no way for you to​ know that all they do is​ give you directions and by the​ way most of​ the​ pay per click site have their own directions that are exactly those that the​ company’s sell you. They also advertise that they give you access to​ a​ catalog of​ employers seeking data entry. What they do not tell you is​ that they give you a​ link to​ a​ FREE catalog that anyone can get by joining a​ site for FREE.

Say you get frustrated trying to​ wade through all the​ information,​ you decide to​ break down and pay for one of​ the​ sites that is​ suppose to​ have all the​ secrets. Here are a​ few recommendations:

1) Shop around. Often times there are 50 sites that are all selling the​ same thing. I ran across countless sites that were identical in​ appearance and text,​ they all where selling the​ same information. the​ highest price was $199 and the​ lowest was $49,​ chances are there is​ a​ lower price out there if​ you keep looking.

2) Exhaust all the​ free information that is​ out there. There are free sites or​ every very low priced membership. I found several site that were under $10 for membership. if​ you decide to​ pay for a​ membership make sure you know what you are getting with your membership and then compare to​ other similar sites.

3) if​ you have questions as​ to​ what you will get with your membership or​ for the​ price that you are paying…ASK. Most sites have a​ “contact us” link,​ use it. if​ they can not answer your questions directly or​ continue to​ be too vague,​ chances they are not selling anything new that someone couldn’t find themselves.

4) Educate yourself. Do a​ search engine search on​ “data entry scams”,​ it​ will usually pull up articles,​ customer/member feedback and other free information,​ so you can find the​ right choice for you.

There are some legitimate ways to​ make money out there,​ take some time and research your options. Look for sites that offer free or​ reduced membership trials so you can decide if​ it​ is​ worth what they are asking. Also,​ look for programs or​ member sites that offer a​ money back guarantee and find out what the​ refund policy is.

If you are in​ pursuit of​ making money on​ the​ internet,​ you can be successful by remembering that the​ old adage “if it’s too good to​ be true,​ then it​ usually is” still rings true; even in​ this high tech virtual world that everyone is​ plugged into.

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