Making Money On Forgotten Websites

Making Money On Forgotten Websites

A “forgotten” website is​ a​ site you may have created a​ few years ago that seemed like a​ great idea. Unfortunately,​ like many big ideas for the​ web,​ only a​ few realize their potential. the​ webmasters for these websites probably have tried banner ads,​ pay-per-click,​ and affiliate marketing and found that they could only make a​ few dollars per month. These money-losing websites often become forgotten,​ while the​ website owner begins work on​ another great idea. There are thousands of​ webmasters not making money on​ forgotten websites that actually offer the​ potential for substantial monthly income.

Selling text link advertising offers hope for many webmasters to​ make $200 plus per month by selling a​ few text links on​ their forgotten websites. How much a​ link is​ worth on​ a​ website depends on​ the​ metrics of​ the​ site. the​ more search engine backlinks,​ the​ higher the​ PR throughout the​ website,​ the​ more indexed pages,​ and the​ more great content a​ site has,​ the​ more your website can make selling text links. it​ is​ not uncommon for a​ strong,​ authority website to​ make more than $3,​000 a​ month on​ text link sales alone.

If you want to​ monetize your site by selling text links,​ there are three ways to​ find buyers:

1.) Sell your links through a​ text link auction site like LinkAdage Auctions [ ]. Selling links yourself through an​ auction site will allow you to​ keep nearly all of​ your profits. the​ negative is​ that you need to​ post auctions,​ set your prices,​ post the​ links,​ and bill the​ winning bidders.

2.)Use a​ text link brokerage company. Text link brokers normally will give you a​ 50/50 split on​ what they charge for your links. While this seems like a​ lot,​ if​ you want to​ be hands-off and let someone else do 90% of​ the​ work,​ using a​ text link brokerage is​ the​ best way to​ go. With a​ brokerage,​ other than the​ negative of​ splitting half of​ your Link Ad revenue,​ you also have less control over the​ type of​ links that get included on​ your site.

3.)Include an​ “Advertise Rate” page on​ your website. Simply list the​ prices you want for a​ text link on​ your various pages. the​ best part of​ this method is​ that you will be able to​ keep all of​ your profits. the​ negative is​ that unless your site gets a​ lot of​ traffic,​ your link sales will be slow.

Mainly,​ don’t let your forgotten websites gather dust just because you have never made money on​ them. Even if​ what you can make is​ just a​ few hundred dollars per month selling links on​ a​ website,​ that will at​ least cover the​ site’s hosting fees and add a​ few thousand dollars to​ your net income at​ the​ end of​ the​ year.

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